New Technology Alliance to Advance Enterprise Data Management

Ontotext and Eccenca collaborate to boost the value of semantic technologies

Sirma AI traded as Ontotext, developer of GraphDB™, and Eccenca - semantic technology provider, developer of Corporate Memory, announced a new partnership that aims to advance enterprise Data management.

The integration of both flagship products GraphDB and Corporate Memory will power new capabilities and performance boost. The new collaboration will help to create vertical and horizontal enterprise data solutions.

“Eccenca offers one of the most mature knowledge graph-based, life cycle management solutions with a strong focus on automation use cases in manufacturing industries. This is a step forward in our efforts to expand offerings into IT landscape automation, helping organizations unify automation of security, network, cloud and on-premise IT infrastructures”,

said Atanas Kiryakov, CEO of Ontotext.

GraphDB is an enterprise-ready semantic graph database engine combined with content and data analytics capabilities. It enables users to link diverse data, index it for semantic search and enrich it via text analysis to build big knowledge graphs. GraphDB’s main advantages include comprehensive integration with full-text search engines (Elasticsearch, SOLR and Lucene) and document databases (MongoDB), high-availability cluster architecture proven in business-critical deployments spanning across multiple data centers and continents.

Eccenca and Ontotext offer industry’s most complete and mature knowledge graph technology stack, along with a broad portfolio of custom industry solutions for Healthcare, Pharma, Automotive, Manufacturing, Financial Services and IT Management. The joint efforts will provide a unique ability to deliver custom solutions globally.

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