GraphDB Empowers Inspec Analytics Knowledge Graph

GraphDB, the most prominent product of Sirma AI(trading as Ontotext)is energizing the central metastore (knowledge graph) of Inspec Analytics, the new dynamic intelligence tool of the Inspec research database of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Inspec Analytics uses semantic technology to connect each element of published materials like papers, articles, books, etc. and create a knowledge graph to identify and compare research trends across thousands of organizations and scientific concepts.

With GraphDB in its hearth, which enables the integration of data and information from multiple sources and allows semantic search, Inspec Analytics helps users of engineering literature to uncover the hottest trends across numerous physics and engineering disciplines. They also can explore global trends in research topics and identify potential collaborators in their respective fields. Researchers may use this analytics tool to identify their organization’s strengths and prospective routes for further growth.

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