TBI Info Became Sirma InsurTech to Accelerate the Digitalization of Insurance Enterprises

Sirma Group Holding’s renewed business strategy is focused on further developing the fastest growing industrial verticals, such as the financial industry, healthcare, industrial applications, retail, logistics, and hospitality. Following its primary goals, in July 2022, the company acquired 55% of the capital of TBI Info AD, a leading Bulgarian IT consultancy company that is a recognized partner for implementing the core insurance solution – INSIS.

The new venture will operate under the brand – Sirma InsurTech JSC. The company will strengthen Sirma Group offering for the insurance sector, adding to the group’s portfolio business and technology consultancy services, implementation and integration services for the insurance business. Its two flagman products, Sirma Broker and Sirma InSuite are well positioned in the insurance industry and are among the best technology solutions in the Bulgarian and CEE markets. The technology stack we provide enables companies to improve their operations and digitize business successfully.

The main activities of the new subsidiary include developing and maintaining software solutions for business management, cloud systems, and integrated mobile applications. Our new Group member brings its 20+ successful track record and many accomplishments in implementing and maintaining flexible and efficient solutions for the insurance sector based on the leading technologies - ERP, CRM, and databases (SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Creatio, INSIS).

The new entity is the only certified representative of Creatio for Bulgaria and the exclusive representative of Survеy Sparrow, helping enterprises in document, processes, and client feedback management. Both platforms are domain agnostic and can be implemented as cross-industry solutions.

The main objective of this merger is to ensure the synergy of work processes and integration of the company into the Sirma Group. By joining forces, both companies will benefit from the shared resources for their core business, such as software development and implementation of cutting-edge technology solutions for the insurers, along with the optimization of their administrative, commercial, HR, and internal operations.