GraphDB Helps Scientific Research to Better Study COVID-19

Sirma AI, operating as Ontotext, has announced that it is providing its proprietary GraphDB database for free to medical organizations worldwide, in order to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. GraphDB is one of the most popular semantic databases, with global recognition and usage.

A large number of multinational organizations use the semantic software – e.g. the pharmaceutical giants Astra Zeneca, one of the largest US banks, market intelligence agencies such as Standard & Poor Global Platts, public institutions like the UK Parliament, media corporations as the BBC, and many more.

One of the biggest challenges, which research organizations exploring COVID-19 are facing, is the massive amount of data generated continuously from disparate sources. GraphDB solves this problem by adding structure and links between the data in this information flow through its semantic technology. Among the organizations supported by the Bulgarian team is Mayo Clinic, which publishes the CORD-19-on-FHIR project, committed to the study of COVID-19, and uses semantic links and semantic annotations thanks to the semantic technology.

Another significant project in this field, which also benefits from GraphDB is the Cochranе COVID-19 Study Register of the international medical organization Cochran. It is an application that compares and manages virus-related information based on the GraphDB.

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