New Stuttering Treatment App Launch

Sirma Medical Systems, already known with one of the world’s most popular diabetes control applications - Diabetes: M, has just launched a new product. The MPI-2 application will assist people who are suffering from stammering to deal with their speech impairment, and ultimately get rid of the problem. The application has been created as a result of the company’s joint efforts by US professors, that have developed one of the most successful stuttering treatment programs in the world.

The new product is based on the world’s most successful stuttering treatment programs - Modify Phonation Intervals, MPI. It has been developed for more than 35 years by Dr. Roger J. Ingham and colleagues, at the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA.

The application plays an instrumental role in the program’s performance, as a key tool for analyzing the user’s speech spaced intervals. This analysis is performed by Sirma’s special algorithms and artificial intelligence, based on long-term clinical tests and the studies of Dr. Ingham. The collected data are processed and sent to the treating specialist for review and evaluation.

The system consists of three main components - a user application, a recording module, and a therapist’s administration panel. They can track the effectiveness of each individual component of program performance and take the right actions inpatient treating, according to the characteristics of their particular case. MPI-2 allows patients exceptional mobility and choosing the time they perform their assigned tasks at their own pace. For professionals, the solution provides the necessary tools for tracking in extra detail at each stage of treatment, as well as an additional toolset that help them work with patients.

„We are extremely grateful to Prof. Ingham for choosing Sirma Medical Systems as a partner for this project. Our work on Diabetes: M has shown to experts that we can create rigorous and sustainable solutions that have a real and measurable, positive impact on the lives of people with chronic illnesses. This new collaboration is in line with our mission to create quality products for the benefit of society, in the field of medicine. We believe that together we will be able to impose MPI-2 as a benchmark in the field of stuttering, not only in the United States but also around the world. “, said Rossen Varbanov, Sirma Medical Systems CEO.

The app is currently available for Apple iOS devices (phone and tablet). It is already applied in five of America’s most prominent centers for speech impairment treatment, and we are expecting more specialists from all over the world to start working with the application. In order to use the app, the users must choose their treatment specialist initially, and then specify the details of their treatment.

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