Sirma Solutions Plans to Hire Over 100 Employees in 2023

Hard work is upon us all! Sirma is heading toward expanding its target markets by increasing the company’s product portfolio, which means: developers’ teams’ headcount growth.

With New Year’s resolutions behind us and the routine of projects already keeping us busy, we would like to share the plans of our C-level managers regarding attracting new additions to our Dev teams. We asked Tihomir Totev, CTO of Sirma Solutions, and Tsvetan Alexiev, CEO of Sirma Group AD and Sirma Solutions AD, whether there will be any change in the company’s strategy for IT talent recruitment.

Sirma Solutions has an ambitious strategy to enlarge its talent pool in 2023. The company is the biggest subsidiary of Sirma Group Holding and specializes in digital transformation, cloud solutions, and solving IT problems. It is one of the desired places to start work in the IT industry.

This year, we are planning to attract and hire over 100 employees with different qualification degrees to our development teams.”, said Tihomir Totev.

The ambition of Sirma is backed up by the accumulated funds that the holding has at its disposal, providing a sense of peace while going through the economic crisis. The intensified work toward expanding markets through acquisitions and internal corporate development is part of the strategy for more effective actions in down-trending market conditions.

Despite the economists’ expectations for a deeper recession at a global scale, our successes in the past year give us confidence for a stable future and an increase in our product portfolio. This led to expanding the specialized development teams at our headquarters in Bulgaria and our external offices in Albania, Macedonia, and Egypt.”, added Tsvetan Alexiev.

Our colleagues from the Recruitment team share that, just like every other company in the IT sector, we struggle to find and attract tech specialists. Thus, the company is looking for talent growth using alternative internal methods to improve its brand awareness in the local labor market. In addition to the standard recruitment methods, Sirma invests in innovative practices. Those approaches include own Dev academy - Sirma Academy, designed for people with no experience who want to pivot their career; The Paid internship programSirma Trainee Lab, which further cultivates the IT potential of people with little experience; An investment fund created in cooperation with “Innovation Capital” - Sirma Venture Lab, where start-ups that operate in verticals of interest to Sirma are financed and supported.

Our company is also among the founders of the Green Center that promotes ESG practices or the so-called new standards for more responsible and sustainable business. Each of the three letters in the acronym has a different focus: “E” (Environment) is the environmental responsibility, and the business development; behind “S” (Social) stands the social factor or the impact that the company’s activities have on people; “G” (Governance) is about business operations, from creating internal policies to implementing them.

At Sirma, the leading ESG practices aim to create a better social environment and mindful management, as well as to ensure that all employees feel good at their workplace, fully integrated into the team, and l attached to the organization. Part of the company’s widely promoted practices is knowing your colleagues, working and having fun together, and supporting socially impactful causes. We actively encourage thematic gatherings, workshops, meetups, and various activities that help people feel the workplace is their professional yet supportive community of practice.

Mr. Alexiev is convinced that “Everyone who has worked; is now working or will work in Sirma has given, is giving and will give a piece of their heart. The company is the same as the people working in it. Our 30+ years of successful history and projects delivered worldwide are the best acknowledgment for thе Bulgarian IT talent”.

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