Sirma Group to Enter Mexican Market

Sirma group signed a partnership contract with a well established Mexican IT distributor - Global Computing

Sirma group signed a partnership contract with a well established Mexican IT distributor. Global Computing is a Mexican company that has been operating since August 1998, with the main goal to support educational institutions and research centers in Mexico to find the fastest and most efficient development of applications with technical and scientific data that are transformed into powerful decisions.

The team is dedicated to marketing and distribution of software and training courses, and to educate customers on how to utilize the software products most suitable to their needs. The products we offer help clients understand, visualize and use their scientific and technical data, finding patterns, along with developing applications that empower companies and researchers to make better decisions.

Global Computing has signed collaboration and distribution arrangements with leading companies in the computer sector with a proven track record in the development and adaptation of IT solutions. Our industry specialization covers sectors as Automotive industry, Education, Government, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas Industry, Financial Services Industry, Aeronautics Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Metallurgical Industry, Telecommunications, etc.

The main role Global Computing plays is acting as a supplier of technical engineering applications to facilitate the production and research work of applied scientists, specialized technicians and teachers in general. The company provides clients with the best technology and services for the fastest and most efficient development of visualization, simulation, modelling, numerical analysis and symbolic calculation of large data sets for the solution of complex technical problems in the academic, research, industrial and business.

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