Open Banking Suite

Open banking Suite is a modular solution for the financial sector that will lead your institution through the PSD2 journey. It enables banks and Fintech organizations not only to be compliant with the legislative requirements but also to explore new business opportunities in the payment's universe.

UBX Suite

A modular solution for the financial sector enabling banks and financial institutions to offer efficient, customer-centric and innovative bank products for payments, bank cards, and customer communication management. UBX suite ensures reliable front-end banking products and services and operates on a secure standardized IT platform.

Melinda Conversational AI

AI-powered chatbot that serves as customer support or a virtual assistant. Melinda carries out various tasks like finding specific information, selecting a product and suggesting complimentary items, placing and tracking orders and recommending offers.


A management and regulatory reporting system used to record, report, process and store data from different banking systems and applications through a single access point. RepXpress features an extensible business reporting database to help financial institutions analyse, capture and curate data in an integrated way.

EngView Packaging Suite

EngView Packaging Suite is a professional software for structural design and online ordering of packaging and POP/POS displays. Combining CAD and CAM features it speeds up and automates the entire packaging creation workflow from 2D drafting, 3D modelling and real-time graphics placement to customer communication and production optimization.

ScanFit & Measure Suite

ScanFit & Measure Suite is an automated quality control system for measurement and inspection of profile geometry for the Aluminium, PVC and medical tube extrusion. SFM automates and speeds-up the quality control process ensuring efficient collection, storage, analysis and utilization of measurement data.

Customer Intelligence and Monetization

A module-based software solution for the retail industry giving e-commerce experts the tools for well-orchestrated omnichannel customer experience. Sirma’s Customer Intelligence and Monetization platform boosts and fine-tunes existing commerce systems for managing business-critical commercial processes, digital channels and consumer behaviour patterns.


UnifiedTalent is a comprehensive web-based solution for managing the recruitment and hiring process. Its intuitive interface helps your team collect, analyze, and find the most suitable candidates.

Museum Space

A web-based art management software suite for linking, storing and digitizing cultural objects and the information related to their conservation, collection and exhibition. Comprising of three independent modules, Museum Space is built to serve museums, galleries, libraries and other institutions in their daily activities.

Insurance Enterprise

A system designed to minimize the resources needed by insurance agencies and brokers for maintaining policy underwriting, issuing processes, reporting, billing, and payments. Sirma’s Insurance Broker Platform automates and streamlines all broker processes and workflows for utmost operational efficiency.


Easy-to-use AI-powered platform, keeping and connecting all your business information in one place. SENPAI is designed to underpin cost-effective processes, data-informed decisions and competitive products and services. SENPAI is a modular solution and allows components customization depending on each specific business case.

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

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