Automate all client notifications seamlessly


Now your clients can listen to what their money has to say

Notifications is a comprehensive communication-management system. You can use it to standardize, customize, schedule, and execute all of the required customer notifications regarding transactions, accounts, cards, credits, and reports.

Notifications fully automates the back-office process of customer notification in any financial institution.


Create, customize and schedule customer notifications with ease


Automation of notifications triggered by events from transactions, accounts, loans, logs, and reports.


Customization of templates for outgoing messages with corporate formatting in any language.


Seamless customization of the on-time messages and periods scheduled by the customer.


Multy-channel delivery, e.g. letter, SMS, e-mail, and social chat engines, used by the client.

Business Benefits

Automation, efficiency, and cost-reduction for customer notifications

Notifications automates all transaction, account, credit, and reporting messaging to the customers of any financial institution. The notifications may use any available medium - paper, e-mail, SMS and all social chat engines.

Increase efficiency

The system lets you fully automate the notification service processes in the back-office, facilitating the delivery management, and improving customer experience simultaneously. This provides a boost to efficiency and reduces operational costs.

Speed of launch

Plug and play system, which ensures fast integration and launch of the module and seamless incorporation within all business processes, e.g., customer engagement, product origination, account management. Intuitive to use by the back-office experts.


Unlimited options for message personalization, beneficial for both sides - the product development and the clients, who can now enjoy fully customized messages as per their interests.

Fraud prevention

Besides providing a secure communication channel between the business and the customer, the system can be used as a greatly enhanced fraud-prevention tool.

Automate your customer notifications now.


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