The COVID-19 pandemic was and still is, a huge challenge for the world as we know it.

The fast pace of today’s society made technology an irreplaceable part of everyday life, including the healthcare sector. The pandemic made us realize that we haven’t reached the full potential of digital solutions nor of our own drive to automate and improve everyday activities.

The Healthcare Suite is an integrated health management platform that helps tens of thousands of individuals and healthcare providers across the world, manage chronic conditions and short-term health issues. The digital revolution has already changed the landscape of how healthcare is being provided around the world.

Traditional care practices and in-person appointments are starting to give way to new solutions like telemedicine and remote monitoring for many non-urgent ailments and chronic conditions.

We strive to improve healthcare by providing innovative and multi-functional ways of processing information, based on our long-term experience in health and life sciences.

Business Benefits

Patients today expect less waiting time in front of a doctor’s office as well as faster, transparent and more effective service.


Receive appointments based on doctor’s availability and get paid instantly

Medical records

Access and visualization of detailed medical history data for each patient


Detailed charts and reports, improving diagnostics and treatment of conditions

Access to new patients

Contact new and exciting patients all from one place

How does it work?

The Healthcare Suite provides the tools every clinician needs to practice digital healthcare. There are just a few simple steps one needs to follow in order to start.

Create an account

Fill in your profile information, regarding in field of practice, consultation price range, working hours, etc.

Find patients

Our products provide access to both new and existing patients who can reach you or the other way around and exchange information.

Begin your digital practice

Whether it be telemedicine or remote patient monitoring, the Healthcare Suite functionalities provide numerous opportunities to explore virtual healthcare.

Generate reports

The platforms allow you to generate a wide variety of reports based on a time period or type of information.

Are you ready for the future of healthcare?

Product modules


‌A comprehensive solution for diabetes management



Fully-integrated telemedicine solution


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