Adds traceability to measurements from calipers, micrometers and other manual tools

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Collect digital measurement data for optimal production quality

mCaliper is a mobile application for keeping track of measurements done with a digital caliper, micrometer or any other manual measurement tool. With the help of a mobile device connected to the digital caliper, all results are immediately stored in the cloud or on a local server.‌

mCaliper adds traceability to manual measurements. It helps operators send the results to a mobile device and then store the data on a local server or on a cloud. A measurement plan is displayed on the operator’s smartphone and prompts him/her which dimensions to check. It immediately calculates the deviation from the nominals and shows GO or NO GO indications.  

Traceability of measurement data

Manufacturers depend on quality control data to take key decisions for optimizing production quality and minimizing losses. When measurement data is only written down on paper or not tracked at all, this leads to the absence of structured information that could be analyzed and reported to management, customers, or suppliers.

mCaliper solves these problems without the need for special equipment.

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Business Benefits

Analyzing and reporting of measurement data

Collect, transfer, process and visualize data from calipers. It is that simple.

mCaliper is designed to add traceability to measurements by helping operators send the results to a mobile device and then store the data locally or in the cloud.

Technical Details

‌What do you need to start using mCaliper?

Manual Measurement Tool‌

The system works with any digital measurement tools like digital calipers, micrometers, indicators, caliper bench tables, protractors, bore gauges, depth gauges, feeler gauges, etc., which have a Bluetooth or USB to send the data to а smartphone. Even if the measurement tool has no Bluetooth or USB port, the data from the gauge can be entered manually into the mobile application.

Android Mobile Device

A tablet or smartphone with Android 4.4 and up. mCaliper works with any make of the mobile device with Android 4.4+.

mCaliper Applications

You will need our applications for desktop, mobile and cloud/server.


‌mCaliper versions for mobile, web and desktop

mCaliper is a set of applications facilitating the work of the quality control engineers for the preparation of measurement plans, storing measurement data and reporting to management and customers.‌

mCaliper Desktop‌

mCaliper Desktop is a free desktop application used for the preparation of measurement plans, defining the dimensions and tolerances that the operator needs to control.

mCaliper Mobile‌

mCaliper Mobile is a free mobile application that plays a measurement plan for the operator to follow when taking measurements. It is available on the Play Store. ‌

mCaliper Cloud/Server‌

mCaliper Cloud is a monthly subscription service offering a cloud solution (or a locally installed server) for storing and analyzing data from manual measurement tools.

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Add traceability to your manual measurements

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