Inventory software for an automated search of supporting tools for aluminum extrusion

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Smart pattern matching algorithm for searching the right backer and bolster

ALEX Tool Matching is an innovative software solution that saves time and resources of the Aluminium extruders who keep an inventory of used backers and bolsters with the hope of reusing them.‌

Software features

  • Offers a searchable database of supporting tools and dies with quick access to all used supporting tools and dies
  • Easily customizable search fields such as tool diameter and thickness, minimum and maximum clearance, and the number of cavities.
  • Option to select from the tools that are most suitable for the new die or go back and set new search parameters.
  • It generates a report for every search, with detailed technical information about the tool that has been found.
  • The software keeps a record of all searches and a summary of the estimated net savings.
  • Additional service for creation and import of database for current supporting tools

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Business Benefits

Why do you need ALEX Tool Matching?

As an aluminum extruder, you keep an inventory of the already produced supporting tools with the hope of reusing it. Usually, you manufacture a new tool for each new die, although very often the right one is already in storage.

Finding a suitable backer or bolster without an automated system is difficult and time-consuming. ALEX allows you to create a database of your existing tools and quickly and efficiently search through it.

Estimated savings per week:


The number of dies produced per week: 20

Matching existing tools found by ALEX: - at only a 20% success rate

Average price per backer:x $500

Total tool savings per week: $2,000

Staff Time Saved 2h - $150

Net savings per week: $2,150

How it works

Create a database of existing tools and quickly search through it

ALEX applies a smart pattern matching algorithms and searches through stored backers and bolsters for the ones that match the shape of a newly produced die. ‌ By finding a matching tool in your existing storage, ALEX can eliminate the cost of a new tool and speed up the production process. Customers can achieve ROI in a few months.

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