Payment Portal

Secure payments with the wholesale back-office payment management system


Standardized payment processes for utmost operational efficiency

Payment Portal is a sturdy system for management of the payment process within the payment organizations. The system provides a secure exchange of information, fast processing, real-time information for liquidity management, dependable performance, integrated AML and fraud prevention.

The solution ensures compliance with international payment regulations and standards and provides a hub for a wide range of payment systems: SWIFT, SEPA, TARGET2, RINGS, BISERA, BISTRA, SEBRA, PSD2. ‌

Payment Portal serves all financial institutions

The system can be implemented in banks, payment and e-money institutions, third-party providers (TPP), account information service providers (AISP). It is also suitable for payment initiation service providers (PISP), money transfer companies, credit unions, credit brokers and clearing houses and fintech companies. ‌


Payment Portal has unique and innovative functionalities that benefit the payment management process within your financial institution and offer superior payment experience to all users.

Automation of the payment process

Ensures the full automation of the payment process 24/365. This provides your financial institution with real-time status monitoring of the settlement account and the overall status of the payment process, information for better liquidity and cash management.

Robust user and transaction security

The system safeguards a secure exchange of information with the required protection against fraud, loss, duplication or alteration of each transaction or message. In addition, it guarantees compatibility with personal data protection/GDPR.

Superior user experience

Thanks to its friendly web interface, coupled with multilanguage support, Payment Portal establishes a superior operational experience and ultimate user operational reporting.

Strong connectivity

The system provides for management of the logical and physical interfaces for connection a multitude of payment systems, such as SWIFT, SEPA, TARGET2, RINGS, BISERA, SEBRA, BISTRA, PSD2.

System flexibility

The system has a multilevel/service-oriented (SOA) architecture and independent software layers. This ensures easy utilization, scalability, and audit.

Business Benefits

Payment Portal is compliant with international payment regulations and is dedicated to securing and automating the payment process and mitigating the payment transaction operational risk.

Efficiency and transaction cost

Due to the centralization and full automation of the payment process, operational costs for the payment transactions are sharply decreased, and operational efficiency is increased.

Improved security

The superior security features of the Payment Portal system bring about improved payment security with reduced risk of loss, duplication, and unauthorized alteration of the payment transactions.

Regulatory compliance

Aligned and regularly updated to be fully compliant with the international payment regulations, reporting, and statistics of payment transactions.

Seamless administration

The system is easy to deploy, administer, archive, clone, and maintain.

Secure payment system for payment processing.


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