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As cloud strategies mature, businesses need to focus on reliable cloud migration partners with skills in realignment and deployment, security, and strong expertise. We at Sirma are a qualified partner helping to manage and optimize most companies’ setups relating to cloud migration. Used well, the cloud is massively powerful, and it allows effective and secure business transformation so your businesses can deliver reliably your strategic goals.

An expert third-party partner as Sirma can help organizations meet their objectives

Our Services

Amazon Web Services

We at Sirma provide a wide range of services related to building new systems with high-availability, load balancing and automation in the AWS. AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform that helps businesses to power their infrastructure, become more agile and lower costs.

Microsoft AZURE cloud services

On-premise to cloud migration

Our experience includes migration of on-premises servers to AZURE cloud services:

  • Migration of MS Active Directory and MS Exchange Server, .Net based applications and data migration;
  • Migration of MsSQL server to a SQL Cluster for supporting DB redundancy and Always On Availability Groups;
  • Migration of company user accounts to Azure AD service.
  • Migration of company documents from a single (non-redundant) network storage to SharePoint online service, provided by Office365 with the added benefit of document versioning, data redundancy, collaboration and co-authoring.

Hybrid cloud migration

We help companies build their hybrid solutions and ensure a consistent experience across environments. We also offer to modernize the existing apps on-premises or build innovative new apps in the cloud.

Cloud Servers and Infrastructure

Sirma offers Cloud Servers and Virtual Private Cloud solutions, as well as customized cloud infrastructure solutions, in order to fully meet your needs. We also design and implement complete cloud-hosted business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that combine powerful backup, high availability, and email archiving technologies to eliminate downtime and data loss in any location, from your applications and systems, at your premises and in your clouds.

  • Public Cloud Solutions
  • Private Cloud Solutions
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Business Continuity Cloud Solutions


Using cloud migration experts from Sirma can help you ensure your migration is efficient, seamless, and successful.

Reduce Risk

Let us do all operations related to moving to a more resilient and secure IT environment. Our experts will create a step-by-step process for seamless and risk-free transition.

Save Costs & Time

Our cloud migration service includes а set of IT experts with strong expertise, technology hack, and the latest tools that will help you to perform the migration in short terms.

Cutting edge Technologies

Enterprises migrating to the cloud require expertise, tools, and alignment of business and IT strategy. Our comprehensive portfolio provides automation and intelligent recommendations based on machine learning to simplify and accelerate each step of the migration process.

Professional Cloud Advisor

We take responsibility for choosing and operating your cloud environment. We have strong partnerships with the most commonly used cloud providers such as Daticum, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc. and we will advise you which one is the best for your business needs.

Cloud provider

As a big software company, we have our own data center. We use the world’s leading virtualization technologies, backed by a high-tech data center facility. In addition, offer intelligent cloud servers at competitive prices to address your business needs.

Why work with us?

Let us solve your cloud migration issues and maximize your success

Working for many years on projects related to cloud migration, we have noticed that businesses that are becoming aware of the needs of cloud migration and are using the public cloud, have realized the power of higher security, cost reduction, speed increase, and agility that the cloud migration brings. Those businesses, who move most or all of their data and infrastructure to the cloud, experience particularly strong benefits around efficiency, monetization of data, and customer satisfaction; this echoes the speed of results they cited the previous years.

Businesses with an advanced cloud setup now say that using Sirmas’ cloud migration professional services has helped them develop a more innovative cloud infrastructure, better-organized applications, documentations, and leverage to faster launch new products.

Performing all this with fewer efforts, and cutting-edge technology expertise is essential to success.

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OASIS® undertakes migration to Microsoft AZURE® Cloud


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