Create bespoke loyalty programs to build meaningful relationships with customers


Use data to strengthen brand identities

‌Loyax is a loyalty management platform with which businesses can organize loyalty programs and campaign management, loyalty cards and mobile loyalty app, omnichannel communication and much much more loyalty-building features.

Loyax can be completely customized and enables businesses to create bespoke loyalty programs, which reflect a brand identity.

Activities you can manage with Loyax

Gain customer insights

Understand customer behavior and adjust your offers accordingly.

Use mobile loyalty app

Improve your mobile presence and engage customers wherever they are.

Create customizable rewards

Reward your loyal fans with discounts, vouchers, cashback and reward items of your choice.

Run marketing campaigns

Promote your offers with targeted marketing campaigns via email, social and push notifications.

Design referral programs

Encourage existing customers to promote your business and bring in new clients.

Segment with customer tiering

Make your most profitable customers feel special and reward them accordingly.

Business Benefits

Easily organize data-rich loyalty programs

As a loyalty management enterprise-grade platform, Loyax allows you to nurture your customer relationships by data-driven retention, attraction and engagement.

Retain existing customers, attract new clients and establish long-lasting relationships with them.

Get Loyax today

Cut marketing costs

Reach customers through multiple channels – all in one place.

Promote your brand

Get your brand noticed and drive more traffic to your business.

Build customer engagement

Attract new and retain existing customers.

Increase sales

Drive repeat purchases and boost revenue growth.

Why Loyax?

Fascinate your customers with unique offers and reward programs

Use data to create meaningful relationships with customers.


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