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Designed to address the urgent need for next-level healthcare management in the modern world

Medrec:M offers a unique combination of user-centric mobile self-care apps for both basic health tracking and chronic conditions management (diabetes and heart disease), connected to the Medrec:M Clinic platform, helping patients and clinics for remote monitoring and communication with patients in a single, unified way.

The mobile application helps users build a detailed picture of their health status.

The app stores any form of medical data all in one place, limiting the chance of losing documents, forgetting medication plans or appointments. Moreover, users can conduct telemedicine or virtual appointments with clinicians from the comfort of their homes. The app is the ultimate health management system for both long-term and temporary health problems.

The Medrec:M Clinic is a cloud-based healthcare management platform.

It helps clinics and doctors to connect with new patients and to communicate with the existing ones through one integrated system, using comprehensive telehealth functionalities, and the ability to access PHR shared data from patients. Medrec:M Clinic offers powerful booking and payment options that help the clinic to attract more new patients and let them book appointments based on each doctor’s availability.

Business Benefits

Medrec:M continues the series of products of the company aimed at providing better healthcare and prolonging and improving quality of life. Like the rest of the company’s products, Medrec:M uses the help of artificial intelligence to improve the quality of its systems. To name a few of its key business benefits:

Telehealth Enabler

Conduct video and phone calls for online meetings between patients and doctors.

Bookings and Payments

Powerful booking and payment options that help clinics attract more patients and lets them book appointments based on each doctor's availability.

PHR Data Visualisation

Each patient can share selected medical and personal health data from the Medrec:M mobile App to the appointed doctor.

Detailed medical history

View each patient’s shared symptoms and vitals, as well as all documents, imaging diagnostics files or medication plans

Why work with us?

Patients today expect and demand a more personal and informed approach, less waiting time in front of a doctor’s office as well as faster, transparent and more effective service. New technology has enabled them to be more in control of their health, and they want to keep that control by using myriad self-care tools.

With Medrec:M Clinic, healthcare professionals optimize their work by improving communication with their patients while also saving time and effort.

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