Melinda Conversational AI

Conversational AI designed to address your business and customers’ needs


Proactive customer interaction powered by advanced technologies

Melinda is a Conversational AI empowered by artificial intelligence (AI), NLP/NLU and machine learning (ML) technologies, that mimic human conversations and provide automated proactive interaction with your customers in a natural way.

The AI-based chatbot can help your organization fill the communication gaps between your business and audience, set up additional communication channels, and actively offer products and services. On top of using popular AI communication technologies, Melinda also relies on the innovative RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology, which allows the chatbot to be used as a means of communication and actively participate in completing any inquiry.

Boost sales with immediate customer interaction

Sirma’s vast experience as an established software vendor for the banking industry has helped to create Melinda, a new generation Conversational AI bot platform which enables the design of various banking bots that perform different roles and functions. With Melinda, the most demanded essential bot services can be deployed in a short timeframe and significantly elevate the level of digitalization that your bank strives to achieve.

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Business Benefits

Our Conversational AI - Melinda has paved the way for making routine activities automated and life easier for customers in the banking industry.

Here are the main benefits for financial institutions and their customers and how can evaluate the efficiency of bot implementation within the organization

24/7 Customer Support

The bot processes inbound inquiries from customers across multiple channels and carries out the necessary tasks.

Fast access to services

Each customer has an easy way to complete an application for a loan, credit card, or other, and as a result, they are pre-approved in a single conversation with the bot.

Instant payments and transactions

The bot helps in customer authentication, accessing their payment information securely from bank systems, verifying the transaction, and executing it.

Easy account analysis and data access

The Bot provides essential information to the customers like their current balance, payment due dates, most recent transactions, and helping better manage personal finance.

Personalized ads and promotions

Melinda triggers a conversation, engaging the customer or a prospect in a chat regarding the specific offer and provoking an action from the user.

Instant answers to all FAQs

The bot handles with ease all FAQs and is available 24/7. It ensures that customers will quickly get the related information to banking services.


Engaging client interaction with robust back-end

Melinda can be designed as a chatbot platform for almost any industry and can perform a wide range of functions, the most popular use of the bot being as intelligent sales and customer service assistant.

Communications Framework

Allow Melinda to utilize as communication channels the most popular social media and communication platforms.

Bot Framework

Melinda Bot Framework provides just what you need to build and connect intelligent bots that interact naturally.

Integrations Framework

Melinda distinguishes two main types of integration: Application Integration and Semantic Data Integration.

Why Melinda?

Stay connected with your customers 24/7

Engage your customers with your own Melinda.


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