Banking and Fintech

Fintechs have started initially as challengers and disruptors of payment services. Now, they are shaping the financial landscape, expanding to encompass all aspects of finance.


Our technology supports insurance companies in delivering superior customer experiences. Sirma helps insurers overcome business challenges and implement state-of-the-art digital solutions.


Sirma is putting technology to use in support of the needs of modern medicine. We blend innovations and industry experience with leading knowledge technologies to help clinics, hospitals and doctors transform their work and increase the quality of healthcare management. ​​

Travel and Hospitality

Travellers are now designing their own trips, often working during longer leisure trips. With remote and hybrid work arrangements becoming the norm, the travel industry has seen a rise in demand, despite economic anxiety.

Transportation and Logistics

Effective integration of technology and technical expertise throughout the supply chain can significantly improve the success of digital logistics strategies.

Public Sector

State-of-the-art software and IT solutions to help the Public sector provide efficient and transparent services. Helping public administrations integrate and strengthen their IT systems, for better interactions between public administration, businesses and citizens.

Cross Industry

Partner with an experienced cross-industry expert to accelerate your product development and streamline new technology adoption.


With the growing demand for packaging worldwide, Sirma offers paper converters, printing houses, packaging and display producers a solution for increasing their productivity, reducing time-to-market, and optimizing production runs.


Sirma helps manufacturers become part of the fourth industrial revolution by developing measurement solutions for quality control and inspection of profile geometry. We provide accuracy and traceability to the extrusion industry.


Sirma offers solutions for retailers to enable a 360-degree view of their business environment. Our AI-empowered applications help immensely in retrieving, analyzing and interpreting customer data.

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