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Precise measurement and inspection of profile geometry

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Minimize product deviations with AI-powered quality control

Scan Fit and Measure (SFM) is a quality control system for inspection of profile geometry for Aluminium and PVC extrusion. It is based on a flatbed scanner that allows precise measurement of size, position, wall thickness and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T).

‌As a 2D system for off-line measurement and inspection of profile geometry, ‌SFM is used as a quality control tool allowing various production facilities to benefit by reducing costs and minimizing product deviations.


  • One button measurement
  • Automatic part recognition and loading of corresponding CAD drawing
  • Automatic BestFit part alignment to the CAD drawing
  • Measurement without a CAD drawing(Feature extraction functionality)
  • Multi-part measurement (one scan can fit about 5 or 6 profile samples depending on the size)
  • Touch screen comparator functionality
  • Constructed features for comprehensive measurement
  • Large field of view area

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The SFM flatbed scanner technology is suitable for the measurement of extruded profiles from Aluminum, PVC, rubber, and silicone.

Business Benefits

Scan Fit & Measure benefits

Serving as an automated system, Scan Fit & Measure helps profile extruders and manufacturers optimize the quality control process in their routine inspection and activities.


The SFM system offers fully automated one-button scan, measurement, and reporting. With the press of a button, the operator scans the part, best-fits it to the CAD file and generates a pass/fail report for each measurement.


The software generates instant profile tolerance and inspection reports ready to be sent to management and customers.

Open standard for integration with MIS

Connection with ODBC servers, configurable output to SPC and reporting systems.

Time-efficient measurement process

SFM systems can measure several parts with one scan.

Rugged design

Suitable for both shop-floor operation and laboratory testing.

Quick setup

1 Day set-up and training for fast implementation.

How it works

Best-fitting the scanned image to the CAD file

The SFM system delivers instant PASS/FAIL evaluation based on a rich set of customer’s predefined geometric dimensions and tolerances. It provides a visual comparison of the scanned image to the CAD model based on the precise measurement of size, position, wall thickness and GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing).

‌‌‌‌A large field of view area of 300mm x 400mm (11 3/4” x 15 3/4”) allows multi-part measurement thus speeding quality control and ensuring an intact and continuous production flow.


SFM Scanner models

Scanner 400

Suitable for aluminium and plastic extrusion profiles of any size with a height of up to 130mm.

Scanner 250

Our new model suitable for window and door profiles from Aluminium and PVC with a height of up to 80mm.

Scanner 200/10 Narrow

Suitable for measurement of very small extruded profiles like medical tubes or multiport profiles with a maximum height of 30mm.

Technical Specifications Scanner 400

Maximal Measuring Area - 300mm x 400mm (11.3/4” x 15.3/4”)Average measuring speed (multi-part) - ~00:15min per partXY Accuracy - E2 = (20 + 20L/1000)μmMaximal Part Weight - 5 kg (11 lbs)Operating temperature range - 10°C - 35°C (50°F - 95°F)System Dimensions (WxDxH) - 710 x 1050 x 500mm (28” x 41” x 20”)Footprint (WxD) - 600 x 620mm (24” x 25”)Maximal Part Height - 130mm (5.1/8”)

Technical Specifications Scanner 250

Maximal Measuring Area - 200mm x 250mm (8.5/8” x 9.13/16”)Average measuring speed (multi-part)- ~00:05 min per part XY Accuracy - E2 = (20 + 20L/1000)μmMaximal Part Weight - 2kg (5 lbs)Operating temperature range - 10ºC - 35ºC (50°F - 95°F)System Dimensions (WxDxH) - 420 x 530 x 230mm (17 ” x 21” x 9”)Footprint (WxD) - 380 x 420mm (15” x 17”)Maximal Part Height - 80mm (3.1/8”)

Technical Specifications Scanner 200/10 Narrow

Maximal Measuring Area - 130mm x 200mm (5.1/8” x 7.7/8”)Average measuring speed (multi-part) - ~01:20 min per part at High resolution ~00:30 min per part at Low resolutionXY Accuracy at High resolution - E2 = (15 + 15L/1000)μm (part height < 30 mm)XY Accuracy at Low resolution - E2 = (25 + 20L/1000)μmMaximal Part Weight - 1kg (2.2 lbs)Operating temperature range - 10ºC - 35ºC (50°F - 95°F)System Dimensions (WxDxH) - 360 x 610 x 200mm (14” x 24” x 8”)Footprint (WxD) - 310 x 530mm(12” x 21”)Maximal Part Height - 30mm (1.3/16”)

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