DIgitalize Bank electronic channels and customer operations


Improve your customer care, communication, and operations

DIBA is an end-to-end solution that provides the opportunity for the end-user to interact via web, apps and virtual bot assistants. The solution is suitable for banks, payment and e-money institutions, account information service providers (AISP), payment initiation service providers (PISP), credit brokers and fintech companies. ‌

DIBA gives your customers secure and convenient access to a flexible self-service portal providing users with online onboarding and management of personal finance, accounts, transaction, utility bill payment, and timely notifications, reports, and statistics.

The system can provide API banking and smooth integration of other financial services related to Cards, PSD2, Insurance, Pension assurance, and Private banking products.

Integrate and stay competitive

The core server of DIBA provides standardized interfaces that connect with multiple back-office systems as well as links to many front end-user interfaces. DIBA is an Open API server to manage numerous e-channels in comparison to the current e-banking services.

It enables easy integration of all kinds of business applications - seamless and complete integration of all existing business software - ERP, CRM, WF (workflow) systems in both directions - internally for the bank and externally for B2B software and the third-party providers (TPPs).

DIBA is PSD2 compliant and ensures concent management and API management.


Scalable back-end systems and bespoke front-end services

DIBA serves as an integration hub to the front-end and back-end systems of your financial institution.

Secure and reliable environment

Thanks to its multilevel architecture, multilevel security and independence of its DB from its application server DIBA provides a reliable and secure environment for operations and communication.

Integrated electronic services

DIBA provides innovative, direct and fast communication with online banking customers, enabling them to use convenient online and mobile services.


A powerful tool for back-office management of communication channels within the financial institution.

Convenient user interface

A native touch to the financial institution providing multilingual access through any device across the world.

Business Benefits

The unique solution created to help you harness the potential and flexibility that mobile banking offers.

Improved customer experience

Provide the desired medium for direct interaction with clients, nurture relationships and enrich the customer journey.

Simplified administration

Its self-service portal allows users to achieve much by themselves and provides transparent monitoring over their activity. This decreases the administrative burden on your staff.

Fast deployment

A steppingstone for the creation and launch of new products and services with reduced time-to-market.

Expand knowledge on customer behavior

Obtain a complete picture of the financial transactions of your clients.

All-in-one integration of digital communication channels.


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