Integrate and manage all your electronic customer communication channels


Digitize your customer care and communication operations

‌DIBA stands for Digital Bank and is designed to help you as a financial institution digitize your customer care and communication operations.

The solution is suitable for banks, payment and e-money institutions, account information service providers (AISP), payment initiation service providers (PISP), credit brokers and fintech companies.

From a user’s perspective, DIBA gives your customers the convenience of digital access to registration, transaction reports, payment reports, account management, insurance management, card requests, notifications, and statistics.

Integrate and stay competitive

‌DIBA is an end-to-end IT solution with which you can integrate all your electronic communication channels, including the Internet, mobile devices, personal finance manager, bill payments software, statements, authorizations, and notifications.


Solid back-end systems for bespoke front-end services

DIBA is a unified comprehensive module that provides a complete suite of front-end and back-end systems, integrating all electronic communication channels of your financial institution.

Integrated electronic services

DIBA provides innovative, direct and fast communication with online banking customers, enabling them to use convenient online and mobile services.

Secure and reliable environment

Thanks to its multilevel architecture, multilevel security and independence of its DB from its application server DIBA provides a reliable and secure environment for operations and communication.


DIBA provides multi-functionality and multi-language across devices using its flexible web interface. This means that customers can communicate with your financial institution using and any language, any electronic device from anywhere in the world.

Convenient user interface

DIBA provides ease of operations both to the experts in your financial institution and to your customers. The module also provides the opportunity for integration with the customer help-desk.

Business Benefits

The unique and innovative functionality of DIBA has been designed to help you harness the potential mobile and online banking offers.

Improved customer experience

By the effective integration of different electronic services, provided by DIBA, customers can now interact with you anytime and from anywhere using the language and electronic device of their choice. Customers are now serviced better and faster.

Simplified administration

DIBA's convenient user interface allows customers to achieve much by themselves – manage accounts, loans and insurance, control payments, monitor their activity. This reduces the administrative burden on your financial institution.

Innovative Products and Services

By integrating all communication channels, and using its innovative functionality DIBA provides the stepping stone for the creation of innovative products and services benefiting the customers of your financial institution.

Increased knowledge about customers

As an integrated module DIBA collects much data about customer needs, customer behavior, and transactions. This data is processed and synthesized into knowledge about the customers which in turn may be used by your financial institution to improve services.

All-in-one integration of digital communication channels.


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