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AI-Powered Innovations in Digital Transformation


The post-pandemic economic recovery and digital transformation have changed businesses and industries forever. Disruptive technologies are the primary drivers, aiming to overcome imposed limitations and improve our lifestyles.

Implementing Artificial Intelligence and Data Management solutions are crucial factors for business growth.

These technologies remain in the pole position and reshape today’s business and the future. Harnessing data with AI-based technologies benefits clients and organizations, improving efficiency in every part of the value chain. The innovative uses of Data and AI are utilized to enhance the customer experience across retail, wholesale, and commercial relationships.


Sirma has developed sophisticated software based on Artificial Intelligence technologies, including text mining, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Our team, equipped with comprehensive software expertise and technological know-how, has created a conversational AI capable of making decisions akin to human intelligence. This technology alleviates human touchpoints in increasingly complex financial services, data management, and retail.

Sirma offers ready-to-use solutions, a white-label chatbot platform, intelligent fraud detection software, and robotic process automation, among other services.

Our Services

Our IT and business consultants enable banks, insurers, and retailers to choose the right software to deliver seamless yet cost-effective services. As a result, they optimize the use of digital technologies and efficiency, decrease transaction costs and operational risk, and control security issues.

Data storage and management solutions

Machine learning and predictive modelling services

Natural language processing (NLP) models

AI-driven automation solutions

Interactive data visualization and dashboards

Big data processing and distributed computing

Transforming Business with AI

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Sirma offers the most advanced suite of AI applications for complex manufacturing, logistics & consumer products.

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