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Selecting the right Applicant Tracking System is a critical decision that can greatly impact your company’s recruitment success

UnifiedTalent is a new-generation Applicant Tracking System (ATS) where innovation meets precision in talent acquisition. It is a complete recruitment solution designed for both recruiting agencies and corporate HR departments that simplifies the process of job posting, applicant selection, interviewing, and hiring. Its user-friendly interface makes the system easy to navigate, guiding HR professionals through every step of the recruitment journey.

UnifiedTalent is a cloud-based system that provides comprehensive features, including job creation and promotion on career sites and social networks, talent pools, and access level control. The platform guarantees the utmost data protection and security.


UnifiedTalent can be customized to meet the specific needs of HR professionals. The platform offers advanced search capabilities, and team collaboration tools for effective candidate management, team engagement and data-driven decision-making. It consists of four modules:

Create and Promote

Qualify and Automate

Offer and Hire


This innovative ATS streamlines recruitment with centralized candidate information while ensuring regulatory compliance

Customer-centric approach

User-friendly interface

Better hiring workflow

Automated recruitment

Integration Capabilities

Insights and Analytics

Candidate Experience

Continuous Support & Training

Business Benefits

With UnifiedTalent, you can acquire the best talents - better and faster

Whether you’re a big recruiting agency or a corporate team, UnifiedTalent allows you to organize all your job offers, candidates, referrals, and communication flows in one place and enjoy seamless management of your talents.

UnifiedTalent enables recruitment processes to move from manual and paper-based systems to digital solutions. This shift has resulted in a centralized candidate information repository, saved recruiters time, and facilitated data-driven recruitment strategies. It also enables recruitment teams to collect talent for future job vacancies and create appealing job offers.

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