IT Services for Startups

The Right IT Team That Powers Your Tech Ideas


“IT” is no longer a niche for techies

Technology has become ubiquitous - mobile and cloud computing reach every sector and every corner of the economy. The explosion in innovation is giving birth to thousands of startups worldwide and a vibrant community of entrepreneurs that wish to see their dreams come true.

What is the result of this proliferation of software?

A massive shortage of capable, professional software developers in every field and discipline. Hiring and retaining talent has never been more challenging.

Startups cultivate ideas into minimal viable products, then on to widespread business use or to become household consumer names. Startups need a reliable technology partner that will follow them throughout the journey, giving their R&D department the scalability and flexibility to be their company’s engine for growth.

From delivery centers spread across Bulgaria, we align our resources with fast-growing startups to boost their R&D capacity.

Our expertise

We stand by your venture and help you to deliver and meet your growth goals

Working hard since 1992, our roster has grown to 600 accomplished IT professionals spread worldwide. By utilising our Managed IT Services, we are heavily involved in every software development and implementation stage. We possess the necessary credentials, having worked on industrial applications, mobile platforms, integrations, and software solutions.

Sirma’s experts fulfil the tasks and support your R&D activities through the development cycles while adhering to accepted methodologies and best practices. You could be in the initial phases of designing and writing code for the core functionality of a new app or a groundbreaking solution, or your product is in a fast scale-up mode in the market, and customers are demanding new features and customisation.

Sirma is there to help you to deliver and meet your growth goals.

Software developers and architects

Experienced software developers and solution architects with 10+ years of experience in solid large-scale projects.

Systems analysts

Professionals with strong skills in analyzing reports and databases to identify inconsistencies and ensuring adequate implementation of new systems.

Project managers

Professionals with expertise in various tools, technologies, and practices, with 15+ years of experience and portfolio of complex software projects.


DevOps Engineers with a solid background in software engineering and knowledge in the latest technology languages Ruby and Python.

Technical writers

Technical writers experienced to produce high-quality documentation, online help and developer guides that are appropriate for its intended audience.

Graphic designers

Dedicated teams of graphic, UI, and UX designers with attention to details, creative thinking, and design conventions.

Managed teams of Software Developers

Reliable, professional, scalable

Our experts apply their cutting edge skillsets, inject fresh ideas and experiences to give your project the boost it needs to be successfully delivered on time.

Delivering outsourced R&D services at the productivity level, you’d expect from your in-house team.

Java application developer? AI or machine learning architect? Front end or DevOps specialist? Our professionals are technology experts in these fields and much more.

How we work

What we do

In addition, we provide the following services that you need for your project fulfillment:

Business analysis and strategy consulting

Gathering business requirements
Defining and communicating the business vision for the project
Mapping out of initial requirements and project scope
Interpreting business needsBreaking down technical and architectural complexities
Identifying, modelling and documenting customer requirements and needs
Positioning of development teams
Test and validation processes
Representing project stakeholders throughout the process

Project management consultancy

Reviewing project's current state and providing experts for scope analysis, resource availability and/or capability, roles and responsibilities, project monitoring and control. Delivery for a successful solution implementation.

Program charters that define scope and goals
High-level and detailed network-based schedules
Activity identifications - durations, responsibilities and resources
Time-cost tradeoff process and validation of schedules
Staffing analysis
Establishment of governance procedures
Standard reports
Coding structures, metrics and templates
Implementation of Project Offices

Process Designing Engineering Consulting

Business process analysis
Development of new methods to improve productivity, efficiency and operational costs analysis
Design/redesign of workflows
Implementation of business process improvements between customer systems for optimization of end-to-end processes

IT/Technology Consulting

Our technology consulting enables organizations to transform their processes, focus on growth, and achieve better efficiency, well-managed risk, and synchronization in business operations.

We identify, recommend, manage, and monitor the implementation of the best IT systems and infrastructures that help organizations to optimize costs, work with robust solutions, and gain an edge over their competitors.

Who we are

We are Sirma, Bulgaria’s quintessential IT services provider, a time-honored brand trusted for nearly three decades by banks, telecoms, tech and media companies, and governments in Europe and the US.

Technologies we work with

Enterprise Java Machine Learning (AI) Front-end DevOps
Spring SVM React.JS Dockers
ESB Linear Regression Angular CI/CD
Microservices Naive Bayes jQuery AWS
DI / CDI Decision Tree Knockout.js Cloud Migrations

Experts in IT consulting

Front-end Developers Back-end Developers Mobile Development Quality Assurance
HTML5 Java Android Unit Testing
CSS3 Go iOS Selenium
JavaScript Python Xamarin JUnit
Angular NodeJS React-Native Cucumber
React Kotlin Cordova PHPUnit

Why Sirma

Delivery for successful solution implementation.


Sirma experts on a par with your in-house talent.


Tasks completed, full customer satisfaction.


Specifications, design, coding, testing – we take responsibility from A to Z.


Teams versed in required technologies, methodologies, best practices.

Scale your business with a trusted R&D partner.


OASIS® undertakes migration to Microsoft AZURE® Cloud


Transform your business

Sirma offers the most advanced suite of AI applications for complex manufacturing, logistics & consumer products.

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