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An award-winning diabetes management platform

Diabetes:M helps hundreds of thousands of people throughout the globe on an everyday basis. The platform consists of a mobile application and a clinician monitoring system.

The mobile application is useful for tracking and management of the condition of people with all types of diabetes or pre-diabetes.

By considerable improvement of the self-monitoring and self-management capabilities of the diabetic, it lowers the risks of complications and provides the user and medical specialists with a tool that helps in taking quick and informed decisions about the therapy.


Diabetes:M Monitor is an online remote monitoring tool that allows doctors, clinicians, nutritionists, or other medical experts to have their patient’s information ready and available in real-time

That means you can monitor all your diabetic patients remotely in one place and keep track of how they are doing in great detail. The system also provides a wide range of statistical information, recurring problems, and many useful analytical and reporting tools.

The key functionalities of the app and the system’s features are:


Detailed log of blood sugar checks, medications, insulin, food intake, lab results, and more.

Food Database

Categorized list with tens of thousands of food items and products from different databases.

Bolus Calculator

Bolus advisor for precise calculations of the insulin needed to cover a specific meal.

Analytical Charts

Incredibly detailed overview (graphs and charts) of the user’s condition.

Data Summary

Summarized dashboard for each user.


Full user-logged data overview.

Various Reports

Powerful statistics and data analysis.


Customizable report generation options.


Poor long-term control of blood sugar levels is one of the main issues facing both people with diabetes and medical specialists worldwide

Insufficient or inaccurate information provided by the patient during in-person visits to the doctor’s office leads to less efficient treatment recommendations.

Diabetes:M Monitor solves these issues while also providing even more business benefits:

Increase in Revenue

It comes with ease by offering additional services

Customer Satisfaction

Improvement in patient engagement, satisfaction and outcomes

Cost Management

Optimization and reduction of operating costs while also saving time

Competitive Edge

Use the most preferred and convenient communication channel with your patients

Why work with us?

With over 152 000+ registered users all over the world and 4.5 average rating from over 20 000 reviews, our platform has both the experience and the validation to provide the ultimate way to manage diabetes - from the patient’s point of view as well as from the clinician’s.

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