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Business consulting for profitable growth

‌Sirma Business Consulting is dedicated to discovering new business fields, improving your performance, identifying and implementing best-practice technology solutions to address and manage your unique business challenges and opportunities.

Accelerate the adoption of new digital services

We gear the evolution of your mind-set for doing business and help the transformation by using targeted investments aimed at growth, optimized efficiency, well-managed risk and full compliance of business operations. The management consulting expertise of Sirma optimizes the performance in every aspect of the organization in the financial institution.

Our main goal as consultants is to drive your business to profitable growth by:

  • Using our understanding of market changes propelled by digitalization
  • The creation and adoption of new business models driven by technology
  • Designing processes for increased competitiveness

We scrutinize and evaluate our clients’ status to provide accurate, effective and efficient advice.


We facilitate the alignment of your financial institution with the rapid innovation

The deep understanding of the technological disruptor forces, the requirements of the market factors and mastery of business processes enable Sirma to provide the tools necessary for achieving the required strategic goals.

Strategic Consulting

To convert the disruptive forces into business opportunities, financial institutions need to re-invent themselves, build strategies looking towards the future and execute them strictly. Regulatory legislation is changing the environment and creating spaces for new players. Markets for modern services are opening up. The contemporary communication channels allow for intimate relations with clients. Technologies allow for vast optimization, efficiencies, and cost reduction. Sirma is here to facilitate the adoption of the above.

Business Model and Process Design

Consulting that helps you evolve your business model and reinvent processes and operations. We advise you on process optimization and the selection of the appropriate technology, which the business requires. We chart the remodeling steps necessary, the workflow design and redesign while keeping a close eye on adjourning costs. Sirma’s consultants will develop new methods for end-to-end processes optimization.

Regulatory Compliance

The financial services industry is one of the most strongly regulated businesses. Regulatory compliance, however, needs not to be in disagreement with the business development. Sirma helps financial institutions merge compliance and business. Our regulatory experts help align industry regulations with the organizations’ goals and performance. This achievement is based on flexible solutions, creative design, and technology prowess.

Project Delivery

Our consulting is not limited to providing advice. We undertake the responsibility for the technology projects within financial institutions. Sirma facilitates the bridging of the gap between strategic aims and project capacity. Our consultants are timely oriented, result-focusedC and provide transparent internal communication. In short - we can support you in undertaking the necessary projects, which ensure your competitiveness in today’s fast-paced world.

Business benefits

Business consultancy‌ to achieve more in less time

Each project is customized to accomplish the specific goals of our client. Over the years our Business Consulting Services have helped financial institutions to realize multiple benefits:

Cutting edge time to market

Sirma will help you be more competitive, productive and fast in the deployment of new products.

Accelerated digital transformation

Your institution need not fear competitors outpacing them with technology-enhanced services.

Improved customer experience

Digital workflow enhancement leads to improved customer experience.

Reduced risk

Through better technology control we will achieve reduced operational risk.

Enhanced regulatory compliance

We create business opportunities from meeting all compliance requirements.

Improved productivity and efficiency

Through process optimization, we help boost efficiency and productivity.

Reduced operation costs

Increased competitiveness will be delivered at reduced operational costs.

Stay competitive with a trusted business partner.


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Transform your business

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