Enterprise IT Services

Choose the best-in-class IT systems and infrastructures for your enterprise


Identify and implement the best software technologies

Sirma’s Enterprise IT services help you identify and implement the best software technologies in order to manage your business and address your emerging challenges. 

The management consulting that Sirma offers is the optimization of work processes in the organization. Our clients achieve profitable growth and enhance their competitiveness through new business models. We provide IT consulting and help organizations transform their processes, focus on growth and achieve better efficiency, well-managed risk, and synchronization in business operations.

Gain an edge with IT systems and infrastructures that optimize costs

By recommending, managing and monitoring the implementation of the best-in-class IT systems and infrastructures, we help organizations optimize costs, deliver robust solutions and gain an edge over digital competitors through leveraging the power of cognitive technologies.

The main goal of our IT services for enterprises is to assist companies in accomplishing an overall business transformation toward the cognitive enterprise. We recommend, manage and monitor the implementation of the best-in-class IT systems and infrastructures. We optimize costs and deliver robust solutions.


Successfully manage a secure and efficient infrastructure of computers

Many years ago, the thought of hiring experts for IT Consulting was practically unheard of. These days, most businesses have little choice in the matter. The rapid advancement of new technology is something companies cannot afford to operate without. 

The average employees have only a fraction of the knowledge needed to successfully manage a secure and efficient infrastructure of computers and networks. Modern business operations require highly trained experts in the IT field. 

Why work with us

Access the know-how of highly trained experts in the IT field

Blending the know-how of highly trained experts in the IT field and the potential of high-end innovative approaches (cognitive and semantic technologies), Sirma’s IT consultants serve a wide range of industries.

How your company can benefit from Sirma’s enterprise IT services?

  • Our software experts use top-notch technologies to deliver innovative software and execute optimized technology projects
  • We have gained extensive vertical knowledge and domain know-how that add value and enhance your services and products
  • We have implemented a large number of diverse projects in terms of technologies, scale and complexity, which significantly reduce the learning curve risks
  • Sirma uses a flexible approach toward project staffing and mutually beneficial collaboration with clients’ in-site workforce

What to expect from an IT consulting service at Sirma?

We carry out a preliminary assessment of the challenges that an organization has to overcome and find ways for changes and improvements. 

  • A comprehensive evaluation of your enterprise’s needs, tailored to your specific objectives
  • Analysis and audit of the existing software system and the IT infrastructure
  • Recommendations and offerings for individual software solutions
  • Use of the most appropriate and innovative technology
  • Access to a wide range of technological expertise
  • Flexible methodology in the software creation process, and vertical know-how
  • Hundreds of successful projects delivered worldwide
  • Openness to the client’s feedback

Give your business the best-in-class IT systems and infrastructures.

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