Your Key to Transforming Website Visits into Revenue


Make customer acquisition your first method of choice by using Sirma’s real-time sales software

Salexor is a real-time software that monetises website visits and strengthens digital and omnichannel offerings. It significantly increases the conversion rate of engaged users and makes customer acquisition easier while enabling in-depth monitoring of website visitors, behavioural analyses, and interaction almost instantly.

The software performs website visitors’ scoring, tracking visited web pages, and enables immediate communication with them, making it possible for sales staff to engage in fruitful conversations via chat, video chat, phone, send an individual offer and other marketing activities. The solution offers a wide range of promotional incentive functionalities and communication channels, which provide sales with unbeatable tools to capture website visitors as soon as they land on any tracked webpage and send a variety of personalized offers.


Never miss an opportunity for sales

As the competition for affluent customers is severe, Salexor offers an unbeatable advantage if you trade with high-ticket retail product lines - appliances, jewellery, cars, commercial automotive, expensive vehicles, real estate, luxury goods and high-end fashion, marine, motorcycle, RV, aviation, sports equipment, etc.

Instant communication

Enable interaction with unregistered and registered visitors.

Conversion-driven approach

Automatic scoring of each web visitor

Proactive sales

Configured for each business case – customized business profile and role-based access

Real-time statistics

Real-time information about page visits, current page actions, time session, interests, device and location

Powerful dashboards

Provide real-time information about the browsing of each web visitor

Database of prospect visitors

Estimate average engagement score for the last 30 days(or more).

Sales booster

Personalized chats and push notifications via SMS or mobile applications.

Campaign management

Manage a wide range of promotional campaigns


As the sales of expensive goods take time, the Salexor shortens the sales cycle using prospect scoring for lead qualification

The wide range of functionalities we offer includes promotional and activation incentives, helping to capture website visitors as soon as they land on any tracked webpage. Then, your sales representatives can send a variety of personalized offers or start immediate communication with the highest-scored prospects to close the deal.

Personalized instant offers via automatic pop-up banners based on the visitor’s page engagement

Live-chat initiation with highly ranked web visitors

Lead and contact generation forms

Library with pre-designed offers/vouchers/banners/coupons

Powerful reports creation and export

Leads status and history

Provide meaningful conversations and personalized offers from the get-go

Transform your business

Sirma offers the most advanced suite of AI applications for complex manufacturing, logistics & consumer products.

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