Optimize every aspect of the packaging design process


Advanced technologies in packaging design for cost-effective production

Sirma helps manufacturers become part of the fourth industrial revolution by developing solutions for process automation and production optimization. We apply AI and cognitive technologies to increase manufacturer’s productivity and reduce costs.

We enable packaging companies to speed up and automate the packaging design and preproduction workflows. Paper converters, printing houses, packaging and display producers trust Sirma solutions to increase their productivity, reduce time-to-market and optimize production runs.


Sirma’s perspective on the Packaging industry

Worldwide there is a growing demand for packaging. Consumers are looking for convenience, ease of use, eco-friendly, and sustainable packaging. With the EngView Suite packaging professionals can not only design any type of boxes and displays from carton, corrugated, rigid and foam boards but they can automate repetitive tasks and significantly speed up the design and preproduction process.

Use smart technologies to optimize production costs.

Transform your business

Sirma offers the most advanced suite of AI applications for complex manufacturing, logistics & consumer products.

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