EngView Packaging Suite

Speed-up packaging and display design with powerful tools for parametric drafting

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Innovative technologies for unique packaging designs

EngView Packaging Suite is a professional software for structural design and online ordering of packaging and POP/POS displays. It combines CAD and CAM features that speed up and automate the entire packaging creation workflow from 2D drafting, 3D modeling, through graphic design placement and finishing effects visualization to customer communication and production optimization.

Productive and optimized environment for packaging professionals

EngView Packaging Suite is the preferred choice for packaging professionals around the world. It provides a wide range of tools that speed up and automate the day-to-day jobs of structural designers, graphic designers, diemakers, and salespeople involved in the creation, communication, and production of packaging and POP/POS displays.

Business Benefits

Create stunning 3D packaging designs faster and optimize for production

EngView Suite is Š° powerful structural design tool offering conventional drafting, parametric drafting, smart drafting, and all-in-one-canvas drafting for multi-part structures and displays.

Reduce packaging design time and improve efficiency

EngView Packaging Suite offers nearly 2000 ready-to-use parametric designs of boxes and displays from a carton, corrugated, rigid and foam boards. Structural designers can create their own parametric standards to be resized and reused as many times as needed. For repetitive tasks, the software offers custom scripts that can automate a lot of the daily jobs of the packaging professionals.

Optimize files for production

With its layout, die board design and CAM modules, EngView Suite helps packaging professionals optimize their production run, increase efficiency, and reduce time-to-market.

Generate sales online with the web-to-pack platform

packGATE offers packaging companies a new channel for generating business online. It creates a custom storefront with the producer’s branding and production capabilities, so users can customize packaging online, add their own design and place an order.

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Product modules

EngView Package & Display Designer

Desktop and cloud solution for structural design and online ordering.



A web-to-packĀ solution for printing and packaging companies.


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Sirma offers the most advanced suite of AI applications for complex manufacturing, logistics & consumer products.

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