Ensure accuracy and traceability to profile measurements


Smart measurement solutions for traceability and quality control

Our measurement solutions for the inspection of profile geometry help Aluminium and Plastic extrusion plants maintain a high level of quality control of their production.

Sirma’s products provide traceability of measurements to the quality control teams of Aluminium and PVC extrusion companies. For instance, our Scan Fit & Measure Suite helps quality control engineers instantly identify areas of deviation and alert the production team ensuring quick reaction and limiting losses from defect production.


Sirma’s perspective on quality control in measurement

The technological shift in the measurement industry brings digitalization and automation to every production plant. Smart factories use measurement equipment that is interconnected, exchanging data and taking decisions without human interaction.    

Customers expect and demand high-quality products. Profile extruders as all manufacturers strive to increase efficiency and ensure production is free from defects. With Scan Fit & Measure Suite, profile extruders and manufacturers can inspect and control production quality by measuring and tracking metrics like dimensions, wall thicknesses and geometric dimensions and tolerances (GD&T).

Our measurement solution automatically compares the results to the nominals from the CAD file and generates GO/NO GO reports. All measurement data collected with SFM scanner systems or with manual measurement tools like calipers, micrometers, indicators, etc. , goes to a centralized Measurement Data Center. Results are stored on a cloud or local server with quick access to statistics and graphics. The system generates reports for customers, suppliers or management.

Join the technological shift in the measurement industry.

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