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We provide comprehensive IT consulting services and leverage advanced technology to improve the competitiveness of financial institutions or their subsidiaries. As the financial industry is challenged by disruptive startups, evolving customer preferences, unprecedented connectivity, and growing regulatory requirements, we are well aware that IT consulting is of paramount importance to your digital transformation strategy.

What does the service include?

We will facilitate your digital transformation and the adequate upgrade of your IT infrastructure, architecture, and operations with SPA (system process automation) and RPA (robotic process automation). You will achieve enhanced information security and improved efficiency.

Temenos consulting

T24 Core System Consulting

Temenos (T24) is the leading global provider of the core banking system. The Temenos consulting service is appropriate for financial institutions, which have already acquired the Temenos core system and are in the process of implementing the solution.

Sirma provides financial institutions with access to the best FinTech solutions built around T24. We will consult our clients how to integrate their solutions with the core Temenos platform which will enable them to launch new FinTech services in no time and dramatically accelerate their innovation cycle.

Sirma’s experts have earned their Temenos expertise through extensive involvement in multiple projects in the same field. They will provide a valuable addition to the knowledge base of the financial institution covering all aspects of the Temenos functionality and integration. 

The Temenos consulting process stages

  • Solution approval process and evaluation - Understanding the needs of the financial institution and evaluating the fit of the selected software solutions.
  • Temenos hardware sizing estimates and verification - Check of the necessary hardware specifications in relation to the estimated needs of the financial institution.
  • Assist and review in the preparation of the entire Temenos project implementation plan - Consulting and support to the financial institution in the Temenos project implementation plan.
  • Structure of the appropriate and most efficient implementation teams - Consulting the financial institution in the appropriate and efficient structure of the Temenos implementation teams.
  • Methodology for project organization and status reports - Provision of the necessary methodology for the Temenos project as well as the provision of regular status reports.
  • Project overview and monitoring - Full Temenos implementation project support, overview and monitoring of the project plan and anticipated results.
  • Hardware/Software planning and installation consulting Consulting the financial institution for the necessary hardware and software and support in its installation and launch.
  • Quality assurance expertise - Guaranty of the successful project and proper and efficient functioning of the resulting Temenos system.
  • Post-migration support and future system exploitation training Migration follow up the support of the Temenos system and provision of exploitation training to the staff of the financial institution.

Why work with us

500+ Successful Projects

We have gained substantial strategic know-how in the financial domain and a deep understanding of what are the key technology drivers, which help us plan the development and integration of advanced solutions and systems.

Our hands-on experience and expertise in the financial sector can help clients increase the efficiency of their operations and processes, utilize the available data in order to improve customer experience, and seamlessly expand the existing digital services. Financial players will achieve regulatory compliance and increase their competitive advantages.

We help not only traditional players like banks and insurance companies, brokers and agents, but also the non-bank financial institutions like e-money organizations, third party providers (TPP), account information service providers (AISP), payment initiation service provider (PISP), transfer companies, credit unions, etc.


Get the leverage provided by technology

Sirma has finalized successful IT consultancy projects in some 500+ organizations, bringing huge benefits to our clients:

Technology Understanding

Your financial organization will comprehend how to leverage technology to expand its strengths, melt away its weaknesses, grasp opportunities, and evade threats.

Digital Transformation

We will help you in your digital transformation, process automation, IT security enhancement, customer experience improvement and implementation of the latest technology.

Improved Security

Protection enhancement is a primary concern for every financial institution. Technology can protect you and we will share how.

Product delivery

Through the digitalization of your entire organization the variety of products and services and their time to market is substantially boosted

Better KPIs

Contemporary technology solutions provided with our help will improve the business performance of your organization while cutting expenses.

Enhanced Digital Experience

Sirma will enable you with the best industry practices, standards and introduction of the SLA.

Turn Data into Knowledge

Understanding the Big Data needs of your organization, creation of Business Data Hubs, ensuring fast data access and Additional Data Definition, utilizing data from social networks and location services.

Technology Know-how

Transfer of strategic know-how and understanding of key technology drivers to develop a comprehensive IT Strategy and integration of advanced technology throughout the financial institution.

Get the tech-leverage you need.


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Transform your business

Sirma offers the most advanced suite of AI applications for complex manufacturing, logistics & consumer products.

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