The evolution of payment and card management systems


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SCARDS is an innovative, flexible and easy-to-use card management system for all types of card transactions. Fully automating the processes of your card lifecycle, SCARDS provides a bundle of advantages to both your financial institution and clients.

New card products

With SCARDS your financial institution wins a competitive edge in product creation. New payment card products may be rolled out as often as necessary without much fuss and greatly reducing time-to-market.

Real-time management

SCARDS provides the capability to manage all payments and card products in real-time. This greatly improves the transaction security achieved by the module.

Processing vigour

The technology behind SCARDS gives financial institutions greatly enhanced transaction processing capabilities. This increases the transaction speed, reduces operational risk and improves the quality of the resulting data.

Customer care

SCARDS provides strong functionalities that help financial institutions provide superior customer service. This, of course, leads to better customer experience and respectively improved client satisfaction.


Fully automating the production and management of cards, SCARDS brings a wealth of advantages in product creation, customer service and transaction processing.

Comprehensive system

SCARDS is a comprehensive, web-based application for the automation of all payment and card management back offices processes within the financial institution.

Real-time manager

SCARDS operates in real-time 24/365 communication between the card issuer and the card operators.


SCARDS provides the capability for instant notification services (sms, email, chat, etc.) related to all card and payment transactions.

Card products

SCARDS facilitates easy definition of new card and payment products and all respective parameters.

Fee management

SCARDS supports the online tracking of fees and management of charges. Fee management, calculation, and processing are possible for multiple services, for various products, in each currency.

Risk mitigation

SCARDS has multilevel security, multilevel architecture and independent DB from the application server, meaning separation of data storage, processing, and use.

Fraud prevention

SCARDS has built-in fraud prevention capabilities which further reduce risks and prevent fraud.

All types of cards

SCARDS supports cards from various platforms – from magnetic stripe to EMV chip cards.

Web interface

SCARDS features a browser-independent web interface that allows the financial institution to use it on-premise or in a cloud environment.


SCARDS is fully compliant with ISO 8583, with regulatory technical standards (RTS) of the EU Payment Directive (PSD 2) as well as with the EU Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Bonus schemes

SCARDS has a built-in bonus loyalty functionalities that ensure seamless management of all bonus and rewards schemes.

Ah, yes…

SCARDS is also user-friendly and multilingual, allowing you to work with comfort in any language of choice.

Business Benefits

SCARDS lets you fully automate the card processes, facilitating product management and enhancing the transaction security and customer data protection.

Speed of launch

SCARDS has predefined built-in interfaces, which ensure quick and easy integration of the module with core systems.

Competitiveness boost

SCARDS covers the whole lifecycle of card management (issuing, acquiring, transactions, risk management, and reporting).

Cost-efficient back-office operations

SCARDS digitalizes the full back office card and payment process, thus strongly increases the efficiency of these operations. The increase of efficiency is coupled with a decrease of the operational costs.

Unlimited options for card personalization

SCARDS provides unlimited options for card personalization. This is beneficial both for product development by the marketing department as well as to customers who benefit from the personalized features of their cards.

Robust architecture

Modern industry-aligned architecture solution with well-defined APIs based on JAVA technology.

Intuitive use

SCARDS is easy to launch and use by the back office specialists due to its convenient user interface.

Explore unlimited possibilities and create new card products.


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