EVA chatbot for PostBank


Sirma has developed the first bank credit chatbot in Bulgaria - EVA (Electronic Virtual Assistant), which responds to customers in the popular Facebook Messenger application. EVA is online 24/7 to provide useful and structured information for various bank products such as consumer loans, credit cards, and debt consolidation programs. With the launch of Chatbot, Postbank is taking another step in implementing innovative financial solutions and services to make it as easy as possible for consumers.

The Challenge

​​​​​​​The idea of creating EVA came as a natural continuation of Postbank’s digitization strategy and the desire to communicate with its customers in most conveniently. The number of users using the Facebook platform is continuously increasing. Analyze has shown that people are increasingly looking for informal communication with their bank. Whether they are at home, at the office, at coffee, or traveling with friends - they want the bank branch to be on their phones.

The Solution

Our solution to this need is the creation of the EVA chat. Now users can get the information they need in a direct conversation with Messenger chat without disturbing their comfort. Through EVA, we give consumers the unique opportunity to choose the right solutions according to their financial needs by communicating with the bank efficiently - as they interact with their acquaintances.

Our idea is for the chatbot to be continually developed and the services that will be provided through it become more and more. The chatbot Eva is a software solution that allows you to automatically answer the most frequently asked questions via text, photos, links, and other items. It is an electronic virtual assistant who advises users remotely faster and through their preferred devices.

The chatbot is a modern and increasingly favorite way of communicating because it improves the service process, offers users personalized services, and improves their experience with the company. His big positive is that he is online 24 hours and is easily accessible - only by entering Facebook Messenger.

Users can write to EVA through Postbank’s official facebook page

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