Enjoy low-risk transactions and offer a frictionless checkout experience to your customers.


Secure online transactions across all channels

The Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) on the strong customer authentication imply the PSU’s identity must be verified at least by two of the authentication methods, including Knowledge, Possession, and Inherence. Each element must be independent, so, the breach of one component will not compromise the others.

The Up2Seal module is a Multi-factor/2FA identification solution used for online transaction authentication, initiated through various channels. It is designed to be configured with ease for all payment types covered by the Second Directive - internet/mobile banking, and e-commerce card transactions.


Prevent fraud and add new digital ways to complete customer’s transactions

Multi-factor or 2FA identification

Compliant with the PSD2 regulation

For all types of online payments under PSD2

Covers internet/mobile banking and e-commerce card transactions.

Compliant with Dynamic Linking requirements

Support for payment notifications that specify the payee and the amount. Let customers know exactly what they're paying for.

Biometrics included

For frictionless customer experience, with your preferred mobile identification – fingerprint or face-recognition as an authentication method.

A mobile application, acting as a front-end

Use it as an white-label, or as a module integrated into an existing banking app.

Open API structure

Easy to integrate with 3DS service providers for card payments and unleash opportunities for successful partnerships.

Business Benefits

Remove uncertainty and deliver the best customer experience

Compliance with PSD2

Covering the whole regulatory standards in one solution.

Convenient CX

Mobile solution using push notifications, standardized, and well-known processes.

Fast distribution

Only one download and two steps for verification.

Preset integrations

Existing integration with DIBA and Up2Connect.

Easy to upgrade

Options for feature upgrading of the mobile solution, to become a secure communication channel.

Better online experiences

Secure digital transactions and earn consumer trust in your omnichannel payment solutions.

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