Secure two-way digital communication with your partners via APIs


One communication hub for secure connections

Up2Connect provides a solution for digital data communication under the Second Payment Directive technical regulations. It enables secure connections between Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSPs) and the Third Party Providers (TPPs) offered via the Application Programming Interfaces.

Among the critical changes that PSD2 brings is the requirement for banks to provide information about their customers’ bank accounts and allow TPPs to initiate payments via the APIs. Account information and Payment initiation are integral parts of the service.


Ready for implementation functionalities

API Sandbox

Serves as an ASPSP. Banks are obliged to present a developer's portal for testing purposes.

TPP registry and security management

The place for storing and checking certificate validity, TPP register.

API Gateway and Manager

Includes API documentation. Serves as a non-stop gateway for third parties like Account Information Service Providers (AISP) and Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISP).

Consent management

Storing and managing consents of the Payment Service Users (PSU), including permission mechanisms in place to ensure that access to bank account information and payments made is explicit.

Compliance readiness

Ensure compliance with the Berlin Group European standards – the most anticipated standards for the XS2A interface implementation.

Reporting and API Analytics

Provide all tools for regulatory reporting, along with the everyday technical and business analytics.

Business Benefits

Help financial institutions achieve regulatory compliance and create new revenue streams

Ensure compliance with PSD2

Covers the whole regulatory standards in one solution.

Create a new revenue stream

Collaboration with additional paid APIs, distributed to TPPs.

Enable account aggregation

Strategic decision and registration as AISP needed. Present the aggregated information to your customers all bank accounts as a step-up for Personal Financial Management (PFM) and wealth management.

A stepping stone towards a platform business model

The API Hub will give opportunities to deliver API services beyond the mandatory regulatory ones. They can be an additional revenue stream for the organization.

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