Grow your payments market with direct access to the bank accounts


Your POS terminal in a handy way

Up2Pay is the module which serves as a software POS terminal. It uses the available Open banking processes to execute payment transactions initiated by a merchant and authorized by the PSU /Payment Service User/.

Up2Pay changes the payment workflow - from card-based into account-based transactions. Its ability to easily and quickly move money between accounts puts the digital experience at the center of financial service.

The solution is organized to meet the needs of the two main parties involved in the payment process – the customer and the merchant, and all that happens is in one mobile application. The terminal is available for both financial organizations and e-commerce merchants.


Build a thriving business for payment institutions and merchants

Account to Account payment

Initiation and approval.

Account Information

Customers can check available balance and transaction history.

Merchant 3D digital payment identity

QR code with the whole payment data needed for offline payment initiation.

Omni-channel payments

Physical face-to-face, online, e-commerce, and offline payments supported.

E-commerce plug-ins

Available for Magento, WooCommerce, and SDK.

Transactions reports

Web tool for merchant transaction reporting.

Business Benefits

Offer innovative payments for all players in the value chain

Direct payment

Initiate a direct payment form the account opened with the PSP.

New payment channel

Increase volumes in the electronic payments for payment initiation.

Boost specific payments

Targeting new merchants with low electronic transaction penetration - utility payments, taxis, couriers. Best for recurring payments.

Fully digital customer experience

Mobile application and frictionless one-click checkout and SCA / PSU experience.

New revenue streams for the ASPSP

Transaction fees paid by the customer and merchant fees.

Increased security

SCA based transactions without sharing any critical customer data.

Seamless integration

Pre-approved API widgets for online stores

Real-time payments

Combined with instant payments, the merchant will receive them faster than card payments

Cost optimization

Merchants reduce operational costs and get enhanced reporting

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