Museum Space

A web-based Art Management Software helping GLAM institutions preserve cultural treasures


Digitizing the care for cultural objects

Museum Space is a turn-key Museum Management Software, specially developed for Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums (the so-called GLAM institutions) to support their daily working processes and the preservation and digitization of their cultural treasures. 

Guided by museum workers and museum IT specialists, we at Sirma, created Museum Space as a web-based product that stores and links documents, images, notes, and legacy materials in a way that fits the way most art institutions work. ‌

Museum Space is designed to streamline the activities of conservation, cataloging, restoration and exhibiting, putting the power of digitalization to work for museums, galleries, libraries and private conservators and collectors.

Enjoy the benefits of a fully automated museum system for data management and better collaboration.

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Museum Space features to manage cultural assets in one integrated platform


Dynamic Dashboards based on a user's specific needs. 


Collection libraries with all needed data on it. 


Automatic reports creation based on performed actions.


Image annotation tool for better conservation management.


Custom Workflow process for better monitoring.


Powerful search capabilities for fast and easy finding of needed information.

Business Benefits

Fully automated art system for turn-key museum management

Working for many years with museum experts all over the world, we identified the need for creating a fully automated museum system for data management and better collaboration.

As an end-to-end museum management software suite, Museum Space lets you:

  • Manage all activities and documents in one place.
  • Digitize and organize all current, loaned or acquired cultural objects in one web-based system.
  • Improve communication between the different departments.
  • Access all needed data whenever you are located.
  • Share, manage and approve cultural objects with one click.
  • Stop looking for a particular document in the dusty archive rooms and go digital. 
  • Focus on what you do best and forget about the long and time-consuming handwrite reports.

Enter Museum Space Today.

Product modules

Exhibition Space

An end-to-end web-based module for exhibition and event management.


Curation Space

Collection management module designed to manage collections cataloguing, and facilitate loans, acquisitions, deaccessions, and transportation.


Conservation Space

A web-based module designed for the needs of conservation experts and conservation departments.



Conservation Space for National Gallery of Art Washington


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