Curation Space

Make a flawlessly structured digital home for all your collections


Manage your collections in a richly-functional virtual library

Curation Space is an end-to-end web-based module, designed to manage an institution’s collections and to help to digitize and preserve the museum’s cultural treasures.

The module provides experts with a digital environment that works simultaneously as a library, an archive, an inventory and a catalog. The built-in software functionalities allow for storing information about cultural objects in a structured way, to the tiniest detail possible.

In Curation Space you can easily organize cultural objects in libraries, search through them, filter and assemble records. The module is designed to not only help you manage cataloging for an institution’s collections, but also to facilitate loans, acquisitions, deaccessions, and transportation.

Business Benefits

An exquisitely detailed library for art objects

Curation Space helps you enjoy a flawlessly structured library with object classification, status reporting, supporting documentation, powerful search capabilities and beyond.

The rich set of features included in Curation Space allow for all cultural objects to be organized in libraries and easily navigated.

Dedicated dashboards

Use dedicated dashboards for each cultural object with all the information about its current condition, detailed description, location, images, related activities, etc.

Advanced Search

Search cultural objects by object type and free text, or use advanced by defining different criteria and rules. Use saved searches to quickly reach the exact information that you need.

Detailed tracking

Track current, pending, and historic acquisitions and create an audit trail of each cultural object.

Location register

Add the location of any cultural object, assign movements and task, and receive notifications.

Digitize your collections today.

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