Conservation Space

The digital tooling conservation experts need to perform and track restoration activities in detail


Conservation Space is a web-based, end-to-end module specifically designed for the needs of conservation experts and conservation departments at galleries and museums. 

Supporting conservation experts in all their daily activities

‌Conservation Space supports the conservation experts in their daily activities, such as cultural objects examination and observation, reports creation, preparation for exhibitions, restoration activities, etc. 

Business Benefits

Providing a full set of tools for image manipulation and annotation

Conservation Space incorporates a full set of drawing tools including deep zoom, image overlay, and filters, that helps to manipulate images by adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, color (grayscale) or to compare multiple versions of images side by side. In addition, you can add layers, filters over images for treatment purposes. The best part is that multiple users can annotate and comment on a single image/cultural object.

‌‌Enhancing the restoration process

Conservation Space helps to simplify all team activities, such as image annotations and comments on common cultural objects, fast and easy creation of treatment, examination or any other kind of reports, based on performed actions, during the restoration process. ‌

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Preserve and collect valuable data for cultural heritage assets.


Conservation Space for National Gallery of Art Washington


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