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Running an online business is a complex undertaking that requires many processes, from building a website to accepting payments and managing stocks. Software solutions allow you to manage all of these processes and take away the headache of dealing with each aspect individually.

Next level eCommerce experience for your customers

CiCommerce is a unified digital eCommerce platform, delivering and supporting web online shops, responsive interfaces, native mobile Apps and kiosk applications. CiCommers comes to you with all needed APIs for integration with modern ERP, CRM, Data Migration, warehouse systems and other marketing tools runned by third party vendors. Our unified eCommerce solution includes powerful product catalog management, content management (CMS) - text, photos and video, flexible design capabilities and more.


CiCommerce gives all needed features for building your online business from the scratch and then grow with your needs.

Flexible product catalogues

Shopping card

Log-in and Sign-in options

Orders management

Integrations with payment institutions, couriers and banks

Invoice generation

Why CiCommerce?

Highly optimized and scalable technology

CiCommerce is built on state-of-the-art API solutions available through microservices using React Native Technology and Single Page Application. We adhere strictly to Material Design for components and tools on best practices for interfaces and design.

The solution is suitable for customers who want to provide:

Processing of a huge amount of data/requests

High performance

High level of security

Standard and not so standard integrations with third-party software

Next level business development

Flexible and individual functionalities to their customers

Professional support and services

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Sirma offers the most advanced suite of AI applications for complex manufacturing, logistics & consumer products.

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