Insurance Enterprise

Everything you need as an insurance broker to run your business smoothly and cost-efficiently


Increased operational efficiency, improved regulatory compliance, and enhanced customer experience - all in one place

Insurance Enterprise is a software product for insurance brokers. The platform can help you with the automation of your processes as an insurance broker.

The Insurance Enterprise provides workflow optimization between insurance brokers and insurance companies, serves as a reliable system to ease reporting and customer relationship management.

Mixing tech expertise with a deep understanding of the insurance business, Sirma’s Insurance Enterprise provides:

Automation and optimization of all business processes

Great user experience and user-friendly interface

All the information you need in one single place

Full digitalization of your data and documents

Business Benefits

Effortless policy underwriting, reporting, billing, and payment processes

Insurance Enterprise’s technology significantly reduces the efforts required to maintain the policy underwriting and issuing processes, as well as the reporting, billing, and payments.

It helps you manage all your processes, all your clients and all insurance policies from all your offices. Within one single place, you can see and report all insurance transactions easily to the insurance companies and the insurance regulator.

Besides the improved quality of work processes, excellent customer service, and convenience while using top-notch software solutions, with the Insurance Enterprise we guarantee insurance brokers a steady performance of their new products and services.

Better customer services

Improve customer experience.

Reduce operating costs

Increase your efficiency.

Increase productivity

Do more with less effort.

Enjoy superior reporting

Gain better business control.

Full regulatory compliance

Stay up to date with all existing regulations.

Use continuous support

Get on-site training, Q&A support form our "Call Center", video training and tutorials.


Constantly upgraded and fine-tuned turn-key solution for insurance brokers

Insurance Enterprise is a turn-key solution for insurance brokers. It serves as an integrated platform with a unified design that delivers consistent structure models across different user interfaces.

The platform is constantly upgraded and fine-tuned at each new release. You can incorporate any insurance product of any insurance company. Additionally, products and services can be integrated into the Platform through web services or in case that the Insurer does not have these, we can offer many different workarounds.

Easy to customize and deploy

The platform is easily adjustable to meet the need of different partners or clients and immensely reduce the resources for training, change management and software adoption. The platform works as a complete or partial solution with the possibility to integrate existing applications.

Covers all insurance products

The platform currently supports issuing and registration of the following product lines: MTPL, Auto Casco, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, Accident Insurance, Liability Insurance, Individual Health Insurance, Additional Coverage – assistance, combined insurance, SME insurance.

Rich set of functionalities

The platform is based on modules that provide a complete set of features covering all functionalities. The Insurance Enterprise’s modular architecture allows scaling horizontally, vertically, and elastically as your business grows without sacrificing performance. Our core applications use standard Java approaches to scale to thousands of concurrent users and millions of policies, ensuring that you’ll never outgrow it.

Easy migration to the platform 

Our skilled Oracle / SQL database specialists will make the data migration from your existing system as smooth as possible and Sirma can provide guarantees for the best possible migration of data.

Pluggable architecture 

The pluggable architecture provides easy to extend model, where new modules can be easily plugged or integrated into the systems, without modifying your base software.


The Insurance Broker Platform has it all

The Insurance Enterprise covers all the needs of the insurance brokers. Besides the improved quality of work processes, excellent customer service, and convenience, with the Insurance Broker Platform, we guarantee brokers a steady performance of their new products and services.

Integration with insurance companies for their retail products

Detailed reporting on business, including regulatory reporting

Multilevel hierarchy and organizational structure of the broker

Electronic reports to insurers and supervisory bodies

Policy underwriting and issuing

Customizable commission and product tables

SMS and email notifications

Billing and payments tools



Cash handling tool

Templates management

CRM functionalities

... and many other features

Bring your insurance business up to speed!


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