Cognitive Overview

Cognitive Overview

Intelligent Organization Transformation Process

Today's business have to address two crucial challenges - the exponential growth of data and the implementation of dynamic, adaptive (Ad hoc) business processes in a timely manner. Sirma develops technologies that help organizations make critical decisions by combining semantic analyses of the data we retrieve, link and enrich, and automate the constantly changing business processes. We define three major SHIFTS in the process of intelligent organizational transformation, which include Data, Process, and Engagement, and they are driven by two key PLAYERS AI and Human Intellect.


[DATA] The transformation into intelligent organization begins with the data. Information extraction from piles of data, its structuring and enhancement, the ability to reach “hidden” data, are all chief problems of the modern organization.
[AI] The acquisition of valuable operational information is backed by the AI technologies in interaction with
[HUMAN INTELLECT] – the knowledge and domain expertise gathered within the organization.
[PROCESS] The dynamics of contemporary world, the swift changes in information streams, nurture the need for adaptive and flexible processes. The adjustment of processes to the environment (information), the intelligent cooperation and ability to take appropriate and instantaneous decisions, is assisted by cognitive technologies [AI]. The key factors in transition to intelligent processes are organizational culture, ability to share information, teamwork and true leadership [HUMAN INTELLECT].
[ENGAGEMENT] In the new information era of creating online communities, availability of numerous communication channels, online sharing and caring, the engagement of clients, partners, and colleagues with the organizational goals, winning their trust and projecting security are critical for its success.

Strategic Pillars

In line with the ultimate organizational changes that intelligent transformation requires, our strategic product and services development is based on the following three pillars: Cloud All new Sirma products are cloud based. All legacy Sirma products will be migrated to the cloud as well. The advantages of the cloud technologies are indisputable: flexible business models (pay per usage), secure infrastructure, ability to instantly offer all technological advances to many clients at once, capacity to use on demand resource-intensive AI and machine learning technologies. Data Efficient use of data is a key competitive advantage for people, companies, and nations. Data is the newest world natural resource. It transforms industries and jobs. Our products can process all types of data: proprietary, data on Sirma storage, open data (exponentially growing), paid data bases (Dun & Bradstreet, Thomson Reuters, etc.), public on-line data (social networks), machine unfriendly data (images, video streams, unstructured text). Cognitive Business Technologies In our software, we blend a feel for human thought – comprehension, interpretation, prediction, decision. We use cognitive technologies to retrieve and manage information, to intelligently and flexibly govern business processes, and thus bolster decision making.