Pioneering Sustainable Future in Urban Transportation with New EV Platform

Sirma helps an innovative startup revolutionize urban mobility with breakthrough EV technology


Recent years have been challenging for businesses and people - we all live in times where the COVID pandemic came first, then the war in Ukraine, and all these events forced the oil crisis and inflation surge unseen by decades. The energy crisis and the world’s dependence on natural gas emphasized that the world, especially Europe, should move towards electrification based on renewable energy sources. Is it time for a booming business for Electrical Vehicles (EVs)?

Despite the obstacles, an innovative Bulgarian startup was driven by the desire to make an innovative breakthrough. The company has created a solution that meets the rising needs of European businesses in terms of cost savings for transportation and delivery expenses. The startup developed a state-of-the-art EV platform (EVP), where Sirma‚Äôs team was responsible for the software execution of the project and the user’s mobile app. The new-generation electric vehicle platform aims to revolutinize the urban transportation of people and goods. EVP can also be used on autonomous vehicles, and their speed will be easily adjusted to meet all constraints.

Even more, two concept cars have been created to demonstrate the EVP capabilities, and the prototypes were shown in the capital Sofia. One of the core solutions is designed to serve shops, restaurants, and institutions located in large European city centres.

Scope of the project

As a company whose aim is to reshape urban mobility, the startup wanted to create a mobile Android application to support truck drivers to use it for various purposes such as distant car battery charging, clacson auto-activation, Bluetooth enablement, parking location, etc. The mobile application is managed by a web administration, tracking drivers and vehicle conditions in real-time.


Forced by the need for external investments, the young company had to prepare a prototype of the EVP for a significant industry event in Germany. The Sirma team developed and delivered a fully operational mobile application and a web administration panel in a tight timeframe (4 months), playing as the primary development team of the project.

Project Implementation and Delivery

Striving to satisfy the needs of modern urban businesses with innovative solutions, Sirma’s team, in collaboration with drivers and fleet managers, developed a modern EV digital platform for four months. Four JAVA developers, a QA, a Mobile App Dev, and a PM were actively involved. We developed an innovative EV mobile application for drivers to facilitate vehicle access and control and monitor its primary functions. The app enables drivers to have most of the information for the car (car status, battery charge, capacity, location, maps, etc.) and the ability to control it (AC, lock and unlock through the internet or Bluetooth, etc.)

The desktop application is based on the company’s needs, which possesses and uses a fleet of vehicles. It also helps manage the transportation and logistics of the goods and includes a user management dashboard, vehicle inventory management, and remote car monitoring.

Our team is happy to have made a significant contribution to the value chain through our skilful developers. We take pride in such successful collaboration and the impressive final results.

The results

Thanks to our team’s hard work and collaboration, we launched the mobile app on Google Play Marketplaces and developed the vehicle software in time for the special event in Germany. Our partnership with this innovative startup allowed us to co-create a top-tier platform for EV management, which we’re proud to display on Sirma’s achievement shelf.

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