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Panaton Software, part of Sirma Group, is a renowned software provider in the US market. The company is proud of its successful collaboration with forward-thinking businesses like the Automotive Industry Communication Platform. As a result of this technology partnership, innovative companies from the automotive industry are able to utilize the power of AI and revolutionize dealership business operations in the United States. After a year of hard work, we have helped the company to develop a versatile digital communication platform using Panaton’s technology stack Bocore and

The response from car dealership partners has been incredibly positive, with many stating that “It is far more effective intelligently influencing online shoppers, rather than interrupting their customer journey”. And this is possible by incorporating the AI-powered communication platform.

Project scope

This platform is poised to transform the automotive industry by revolutionizing customer engagement, streamlining operations, and optimizing decision-making processes. By leveraging it, automotive businesses can unlock new opportunities for growth, optimize their supply chains, enhance the customer experience, and gain a competitive edge. Personalized recommendations, anomaly detection, and dynamic content sharing enable dealerships to engage customers more meaningfully and interactively, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Modern automotive retailers run on AI-powered automotive platforms.


In today’s automotive industry, dealerships are encountering challenges with connectivity and communication as consumers shift between online and offline experiences when buying vehicles. Panaton’s AI platform is the industry’s pioneering super app that brings together communication, technology, and customer information on a single screen. As a modern AI-powered system, it enhances collaboration and sales efficiency for online and offline dealerships, unleashing their full potential. With its innovative technology, automotive shoppers can enjoy a seamless retail experience through conversational and collaborative sales processes, using the dealership’s existing software.

Project implementation and delivery

At Sirma, we pride ourselves on innovation and efficiency. With our internal rapid development framework, Bocore, based on Java/Spring & PostgreSQL, we have harnessed the power of technology to enhance developer performance and significantly cut delivery timeframes by an impressive 30%. This framework enables our team to work efficiently, ensuring that it meets the highest quality and performance standards.

In addition to Bocore, we leverage the capabilities of, our cutting-edge real-time data processing platform. With, the platform is equipped to handle vast amounts of data, ensuring quick and accurate insights that empower automotive businesses to make informed decisions in real time. This powerful combination of technologies enables the AI-powered app to deliver exceptional performance and provide actionable intelligence to customers.

Building a dual ecosystem for our partners makes us realise the importance of connecting the digital and in-person experiences. With this advanced AI platform, we solved key business challenges for automotive industry retailers and provided their customers with the ultimate frictionless experience buying a vehicle. Accomplishing this gave us the confidence that we are creating the future of high-end e-commerce.

Nikolay Kondikov, Director Technology Services at Sirma Solutions


Sirma Group Inc./dba Panaton Software’s commitment to excellence and innovation has propelled us to the forefront of developing software platforms for the automotive industry. We are proud to have helped build such an advanced AI platform as the ultimate solution for automotive businesses seeking to thrive in the digital age. Our team’s expertise, internal frameworks, and cutting-edge technology ensure that it delivers exceptional results and drives tangible value for its customers.

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