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Value-based museum management solutions through digitalization


World Cultural Heritage preservation with AI-based art management software

Sirma has a long and successful track record of applying the most innovative technological solutions to the benefit of organizations preserving the World Cultural Heritage, and subsequently, enrich the experience and knowledge of the next generations.

At Sirma, we respect the human’s efforts and leverage the current disruptive technologies to design digital art museum management software that provides less handwork for museum experts and better cultural preservation for the society. 

Working for so many years with the National Gallery of Art, Washington and with all other partners from the Conservation Space project, we identified the need of creating a fully automated system for conservation management. A well-designed software system that facilitates the work of conservation professionals by creating, storing and extending documents and images with robust metadata.


Sirma’s perspective on Cultural Heritage

​​​​​​​Preserving the world’s cultural heritage and sharing our history with future generations makes us saving our cultural identity. 

Have you ever thought about the tons of efforts that people working in this institution have made for saving our history? How many years of work were needed to gather up such valuable exhibits organized in expositions? Are we experiencing respect for all restorers, curators and museum experts that have spent months or years restoring a painting or sculpture so that visitors can relish the beauty of the masterpieces today?

We had. And we developed the following products for the cultural heritage management and preservation.

Cultural preservation with built-in AI software.

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