Deploy your computer storage and IT infrastructure in a world-class data center


Scalable carrier-neutral environment for your enterprise IT infrastructures

Sirma’s colocation services offer a highly secure and reliable carrier-neutral environment to deploy your computing, network, storage and IT infrastructure. At Sirma you have access to a world-class data center. This helps you reduce the operational costs required to run your mission-critical applications and systems.

Sirma’s colocation services offerings are scalable and allow you to upgrade space, connectivity and services as your requirements evolve.


Reduce operational costs for mission-critical IT applications and systems

Colocation services give you the advantages of:

  • Certified infrastructure meeting the highest international standards
  • A secure and reliable place for your IT equipment
  • Complete colocation from 1U to full Racks
  • Internet via Daticum Autonomous System or your vendor of choice
  • 24/7/365 professional monitoring and support

Clients about Sirma’s Colocation Service

“We have been working with the Sirma data center team for a long time. Until now, we have always met a professional attitude and high quality of services.”

Mr. Milen Hristov, Commercial Director PSP Bulgaria Ltd.‌


Range of Colocation Services

Sirma offers the following infrastructure facilities and services in our own data center:


840 KVA availablePower fed by two diverse substations and two electrical grids2N UPS systems with batteries for at least 15 minDiesel GeneratorAll customer cabinets are fed from 2 independent UPS systems

‌Environmental Control

N+1 ChillersRigorous control of temperature and humidity“Green” free-cooling technologiesLeak detection and drainage systems


Multiple independent external routes to the internetTwo independent internal network systemsFree choice of ISP

‌Fire Detection and Protection

Fire alarm systemEvacuation systemGas extinguishing system (FM200)Emergency gas termination system


Armored, fire-resistant doorsCard access to the Lobby24/7 Armed GuardsDaily visitor logs24/7 video surveillance of the entire premises‌

‌​​​​​​​Facility Monitoring and Management

Automated power management systemAutomated environmental control systemAutomated service monitoring system24x7 availability of engineers

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