Backup as a Service

Keep it safe. Prevent loss of data, deleted files and cryptoviruses.


Keep data always available for you and your customers

Sirma provides fully automated Backup as a Service (BaaS) cloud solution to address issues and keep data always available and customers safe. 

Sirma Backup as a Service (BaaS) is a solution available both to servers in Sirma’s data center and on-premise servers and workstations in customers offices, manufacturing plants or warehouses.


Stay on the safe side of the cloud

With Sirma’s BaaS solutions you secure business-critical data and prevent it from loss, accidental deletion or cryptovirus. Our backup services are designed to keep your data safe and your IT systems up and running. 

The advantages of using Sirma as an online data backup provider are straightforward:

  • Secure storage
  • Fast data recovery
  • Reliable infrastructures
  • Flexible plans, tailored to the exact need of your IT systems.


Explore our options for Backup recovery that fits your needs

Remote Backup

Through an internet connection, the off-premise backup can be made with simple software agents installed on each machine. The data is kept safe in our secure cloud platform and can be restored in any time.With this option you have full control and can select what you want to keep safe - files, folders, drives or the entire system to be backed. You also have the freedom to choose how often to execute the procedure, in what time intervals and for how long to keep the copies. In addition, the size of the backup space is also flexible and can be changed at any time.The same procedure can be implemented for the hardware servers located physically in our data center. 

Cloud Servers Backup

For the servers in our cloud platform we execute standard incremental file system backup. An incremental backup is one that provides a backup of files that have changed or are new since the last incremental backup. It is one that backs up only the data that changed since the last backup.An incremental backup is a backup of latest changes since the last backup (any level) so that when a full recovery is needed the restoration process would need the last full backup plus all the incremental backups until the point-in-time of the restoration. Incremental backups consume minimum storage space and are quicker to perform than differential backups. The purpose of an incremental backup is to preserve and protect data by creating copies that are based on the differences in those data and thus minimize the amount of time needed to perform the backup. With incremental backups, successive copies of the data contain only that portion which has changed since the preceding backup copy was made.The following diagram describes the backup & recovery solution for our cloud platform and services

Backup Replication

The main purpose of this option for backup is to protect our customers’ data against data loss and failures. However, having just one backup does not provide the necessary level of safety. The primary backup may get destroyed following a total failure of the data center facility (nature disasters, building collapsing, war, unforeseen events, etc.) along with the production data, leaving our customers with no backup to restore from.At Sirma we address these potential issues by replication of the primary backup to a secondary site following the best practices. The secondary backup site is located nearly 400 km from our primary data center in Sofia for additional safety of the data.Backup copy jobs will look at a particular backup chain, see if anything has changed and if so, replicate those backups to another Datacenter. By doing so, the solution limits the access to the production servers providing no performance degradation during the replication of the backups.When the backup copying process starts, the software access the backup files in the source backup repository, retrieves data blocks for a specific server from the backup file, copies them to the target offsite backup repository and composes copied blocks into a backup file in the target offsite backup repository.

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