Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

Quickly resume business-critical functions in case of IT infrastructure failures


Never lose your data. Tackle any IT disaster event

In today’s best business practices, when a disaster recovery plan is a must, you can use Sirma data center as your Disaster Recovery Center and help your business cope with cases of IT infrastructure failure.

By using our Disaster Recovery Services your business processes will continue and the damages to your enterprises will be minimized. 


Guard your business with the right Disaster Recovery Plan

Sirma offers several ways for you to implement disaster recovery plans for: 

On-premise infrastructure

Customers with virtual infrastructure on-premise in their office, in another data center or using public clouds, can easily set up a disaster recovery solution in Sirma cloud platform. Their virtual servers will be replicated within our platform and in case of failure or malfunctioning of the primary site, their servers can be started in our Cloud.

Dedicated Infrastructure

For customers who want to use a dedicated hardware infrastructure for their Disaster Recovery Center, we can supply the required IT infrastructure, or provide a free consultation, directly in our data center and help install and configure the solution. We can also provide the necessary network connectivity to the primary site.

Secure your data with a disaster recovery plan.

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