Souperstar® starts redeeming rewards and spreading love!


Souperstar® is the successors to Fortune Food, a traditional Chinese brand known for its high-quality Singaporean snacks such as papaya or kueh pie tee. The brand was looking for a novelty approach among its loyal clientele. If there is an industry that lives and dies by repeat purchases, it’s the food and beverage business. So, loyalty has become the paramount goal for many service organizations, including food and beverage.

The Goal

Souperstar is a restaurant loyalty program that presents the best of Singapore’s local heritage, reinventing new and exciting ways to think about food. Desiring to bring the customer experience to a new level, they sought a loyalty solution that would allow their customers being rewarded for their loyalty.

The Challenge

Platforms like Loyax, specially designed to provide a full number of loyalty programs, can deliver a comprehensive loyalty management solution that not only facilitates change but also redefines how loyalty drives both revenues and supports a good cause. Let us see what has been achieved a couple of months after the start of introducing the Souperstar’s loyalty program. The number of registrations is presented by Fig.1, where we see a sharp rise from 10K to 70K, just in a year, and the same pattern has been reported with the transactions made by users. Accordingly, it is not a surprise that sales results (fig. 2.) are in accordance with the transactional figures, and we account almost 30% increase of total customer spending on a monthly base and nearly a 25% growth of average income per customer since the middle of the year. The average cost per order rose from $8 to $10, following the same % increase in the number of customers.

The results

Customer loyalty is a primary strategic objective, and marketing is strongly focused on it. We are aware that brand reputation is a significant factor in keeping customer loyalty and push companies to seek innovative ways to increase the equity of their brands. The consistency in food quality and service delivery affects not only customer satisfaction but also is connected to the reputation of the brand, which was the main reason for the successful implementation of Souperstar loyalty program.

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