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Temenos Core Bank System Consulting

Temenos is the leading global provider of the core banking system. We offer consulting services for financial institutions, which have already acquired the Temenos core system and plan upgrading with new platform capabilities and functionalities.

The experience of our consultants and software professionals is covering all aspects of Temenos functionality and integration, as well as creating T24 Custom adapters. Sirma consulting team has unique expertise in system integration with T24 core banking using the Temenos Integration Framework(IF) and Interaction with channels using IRIS.

How do FinTechs change the financial industry and its customers?

Sirma also provides financial institutions with access to the best FinTech solutions built around T24. We consult our clients on how to integrate their software with the core Temenos platform, which enables them to launch new FinTech services in no time and dramatically accelerate their innovation cycle.

Our know-how and comprehensive expertise in Temenos Product and Innovation Hub ensure seamless implementation of current and coming releases.

Why work with us

Our team consists of technical consultants with an average seniority of 10 years who can operate from solution architecture to implementation. They provide a valuable addition to the knowledge base of the financial institution covering all aspects of the Temenos functionality and integration. 

As a Temenos partner, we follow a standardized and process-driven methodology stretching from Requirements and Gap analysis through to Migration cutover. This approach works for both on-premise and cloud-based implementations.

We can assist financial institutions in their medium or large scale banking transformational projects, providing them with software teams and services tailored to the specific project scope.

The current changes in Temenos’ product architectures help us to leverage our expertise in integration to be at the core of new solutions with Infinity’s micro-services’ based architecture. In addition, we can develop and expand a practice dedicated to the extension of T24 Transact (Java and Jbasic).

Sirma’s experts have earned their Temenos expertise through extensive involvement in multiple projects in the next roles:

System implementers

With Java background, working on numerous collaborations related to the IF with T24

Middleware experts

Proficient in the IF related messaging middleware (IIB, OSB, Mule, Tibco, Biztalk)

Software architects

Deliver leading SA design (microservices, event-driven streaming platforms-Kafka)

Software integrators

Professionals with in-depth experience with interaction and IRIS (up to R18)

Software developers

Experts proficient with the main Temenos toolbox for design (T24 technical, Design Studio)

Business Benefits

With expertise, becoming more and more central to the Temenos solution architecture, Sirma’s IT consultants help clients to implement the newest functionalities offered by both Temenos T24 Transact and Temenos Infinity.

Achieve near real-time integration

All clients want immediacy, so we implement an asynchronous messaging architecture. Such an approach helps to remove the need for batch processing and enables systems to update in near-real-time.

Channel-driven software architecture

Create scalable architectures that provide integrity across systems. Banks can maximize the result of their customers' experience while minimizing time to market and cost without compromising security.

Reliable security & authentication

Provide specific expertise on mobile payments and deliver robust security solutions to banks and payment organizations.

Novel & high-performing solutions

Help clients to rapidly transform their technology to improve immediacy, scalability, modularity, and security.

Effective collaboration

Senior consultants and software engineers that seamlessly work with the client's internal teams, providing unique expertise and execution - from architecture design to implementation.


Sirma team provides end-to-end expertise - from consulting to design, implementation, and delivering the latest technology innovation. Our collaboration with clients ensures seamless work with their internal IT teams, which helps to achieve the best outcomes during ideation processes, project implementation, and solutions delivery.

Temenos consulting process stages

  • Solution approval process and evaluation - Understanding the needs of the financial institution and evaluating the fit of the selected software solutions.
  • Temenos hardware sizing estimates and verification - Check of the necessary hardware specifications according to the estimated needs of the financial institution.
  • Assist and review in the preparation of the entire Temenos project implementation plan - Consulting and support to the financial institution in the Temenos project implementation plan.
  • The structure of the implementation teams - Consulting the financial institution in the appropriate and efficient formation of the Temenos implementation teams.
  • Methodology for project organization and status reports - Provision of the necessary methods for the Temenos project as well as the provision of regular status reports.
  • Project overview and monitoring - Full Temenos implementation project support, outline, and monitoring of the project plan and expected results.
  • Hardware/Software planning and installation consulting Consulting the financial institution for the necessary hardware and software and support in its installation and launch.
  • Quality assurance expertise - Guaranty of the successful project and proper and efficient functioning of the resulting Temenos system.
  • Post-migration support and future system exploitation training Migration follow up the support of the Temenos system and provision of exploitation training to the staff of the financial institution.


The software solution implementation is a process in which we have expert knowledge and 15 years of experience. Our experts have been involved in all stages of solutions integration and have helped many successful financial institutions to leverage Temenos technology. We not only help clients become digital, using the top-notch technology on Temenos but also create experience-driven products and services.

We assist companies in the development and deployment of products, platforms, and solutions, as tailoring our range of services to the individual needs and specific requirements.

The T24 Implementation process starts with our IT consultancy, review, and analysis of the needs and requirements of the financial institution.

Temenos implementation process stages

  • System Definition Selecting the appropriate operating system
  • Products Configuration - set up of all T24 business products based on customer requirements.
  • Interface Development - development of custom user interfaces needed to connect the T24 core to external and complete systems.
  • Data Migration - transfer of data from the legacy systems to the new T24 system via the ELP.
  • Testing - conducting unit tests, product-by-product tests, integration tests, and stress tests.
  • Training - development of T24 training program for the entire bank / financial institution, preparation of training manuals and programs, step-by-step training, preparation of user manuals.
  • Go-live support system - launch in real-time with real data and adequate Go-Live follow-up support for the T24 customer team.
  • Monitoring - follow-up monitoring and improvement of the T24 system performance, analysis of logs, and fine-tuning of the T24 system, provision of the best- practices recommendation to the IT Operations team.


T24 Optimization for maximum performance

The service is tailored to the needs of the financial institution, which helps achieve the maximum system performance and brings forth the most benefits.

Temenos optimization process stages:

  • Problem identification - diagnostics of the performance and analysis of the results. This step includes staff interviews, performance assessment, and reach of an - - improvement proposal.
  • Problem solution - proposal of different solutions to system problem resolution. Discussion and evaluation of each proposed scenario. Decision making for the selection of the best scenario for system performance resolution.
  • Solution implementation - implementation of the selected alternative: installation and configuration, test process in conjunction with the system, and instructions for future exploitation of the system.
  • Monitoring - we offer routine system monitoring for a designated period or on-demand.
  • System maintenance - subscription maintenance or on-demand support.

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